Zeo-Go Purifier

Zeo-Go Purifier

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Contains 100% pure and powerful Australian fine zeolite sand.

Zeo-Go Removes Malodours From Caravan and Boat Toilets and Makes Disposal More Hygienic and Pleasant

Caravanning and boating is all about relaxing and breathing in clean, fresh air, but when your toilet has odour issues, it can make for a less than pleasant experience.

Zeo-Go is Australian zeolite, an active mineral which attracts and binds toxic matter including E.coli and ammonium ions which cause the nasty smells in toilets. Once the toxic matter is bound to zeolite it cannot be released so your toilet stays odour free naturally.

But Zeo-Go isn’t just a toilet purifier, you can use it around your home to get rid of household pollutants:

  • Makes picking up dog poo much easier
  • Keeps the kitty litter clean
  • Helps to get rid of mould spores
  • Keeps the BBQ tray clean
  • Eliminates odours
  • Soaks up oil spills
  • Pot plants benefit as zeolite stores and releases water and nutrients

Zeo-Go is easy to use and saves you time!