How & When to Take Zeolite & Zeolite + Fulvic / Humic Products

Both the Australian zeolite powder and the Hungarian fulvic/humic complex used in our products are the finest quality available and very powerful in their own right but when blended together they form a synergistic energy of rock and plant based minerals which is even more powerful. This dynamic action can take some people by surprise when they experience uncomfortable overdetoxing symptoms such as headaches, nausea and stomach pains if they overdo it instead of taking it slowly. Before you start taking our products, please remember ...

When to Consult a Health Practitioner Before Taking Zeolite or Fulvic/Humic Acid

  • If you suffer from grand mal seizures or any other type of seizure. ‚
  • If you have any other serious health problems. ‚
  • Before taking quinolones, theophylline, propanolol, phenobarbitol, warfarin and immunosuppressants. If you are in doubt, do not take zeolite. ‚
  • Before giving zeolite to babies, infants and toddlers as they may quickly become very dehydrated. ‚
  • If you don’t have a health practitioner in your area who is experienced with zeolite treatments, our stockist list has the details of health practitioners who have consultations by Skype and phone.

When Not to Take Zeolite

  • Do not take zeolite within 30 minutes of taking any oil based supplements, antibiotics, probiotics, iodine, iron or products with high levels of phosphorous such as lecithin. ‚
  • Do not take zeolite while taking a medication containing heavy metals. Instead, take zeolite after stopping the medication to help clear your body of the heavy metals. ‚
  • If you are having chemotherapy or radiation treatments, take zeolite before and after treatments but not during treatments. ‚
  • After surgery wait a few weeks for your body to readjust before taking zeolite.

How to Mix Powder Products

  • When mixing zeolite powder or zeolite + fulvic/humic powder into water avoid inhaling the fine dust, not because it is toxic but because inhaling any dust should be avoided. ‚
  • To avoid dust put the water into the glass first then plunge the spoon of powder into the glass quickly, resting the spoon on the bottom then stir. ‚
  • You can drink the water as soon as it has been made or let it sit for about 5 minutes after stirring so the sediment drops to the bottom of the glass. Drink the liquid and leave the sediment. Collect and accumulate the sediment to use for first aid..

General Daily Dosage

  • Adults
    • 1 level teaspoon powder or 4 capsules
  • Teenagers
    • ½ level teaspoon powder or 2 capsules
  • Older children
    • 1/4 teaspoon powder or 1 capsule – short term only
  • Young children
    • consult your health practitioner ‚
  • If you are very toxic, take ¼ level teaspoon per day and increase the dose very slowly. For a slow detox take on a full stomach.

Fluid Intake and Loss of Nutrients

  • Increase your fluid intake as zeolite is dehydrating and may cause constipation. ‚
  • If you have kidney problems be cautious about drinking too much water as it may overload your kidneys. ‚
  • Normal intake will not cause loss of nutrients. Taking 10 g or more zeolite per day over an extended period may cause some loss of nutrition so should be avoided.

When to Have a Break

  • Zeolite and zeolite + fulvic/humic acid products can either be taken continuously or take a break every 2 to 3 months for a week or two.

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  • Hi Jamuna, All clinoptilolite zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicates which means they contain water. The water takes up space within the zeolite structure and contains naturally occurring microbes. The water and microbes are removed in a four stage heating and cooling process. This method of activation gives the zeolite powder more surface area for its detoxifying cation exchange to take place. Removing the microbes makes the activated zeolite more gentle for people with a sensitive digestive system or a weak immune system.

    The liquid fulvic/humic added to a glass of zeolite water would work, depending on the ratio used. The ratio we use is 135 g zeolite powder plus 15 g fulvic/humic powder and the dosage is 1/4 – 1 level teaspoon daily.

    Whether to take zeolite or the zeolite mixed with the fulvic/humic depends on what you are hoping to achieve. Zeolite’s main benefit is removing heavy metals which from the whole body so it will alleviate a lot of problems caused by heavy metal toxicity. Fulvic/humic acid also removes heavy metals but its main benefits are its powerful anti-viral action and boosting energy. Both minerals have other benefits, too.

  • Aloha,

    I was wondering what the main difference in the activated and non-activated products are? Why would the activated be better for persons with sensitivity?

    TIA Mahalo from Hawaii

    Jamuna Blumette

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