Zeo-Go Purifier

Australian Organic Certified

Gets Rid of Harmful Household Pollutants!

Zeo-Go is fine zeolite sand with a high content of clinoptilolite. It gives outstanding results as a natural purifier and deodoriser.

It’s easy to use and saves you time!

Toilets - caravans, RVs, and boats

Zeo-Go has the power to keep your toilet hygienically odour free by attracting and permanently binding pollutants, including E.coli and ammonia.

Dog poo

Zeo-Go takes up and bonds pollutants. Dog poo is an environmental pollutant in the same category as herbicides, insecticides and toxic chemicals. Poos are much easier to pick up as they’re drier and less smelly, with no flies hanging around either! Zeo-Go removes brown patches on the lawn from dog urine and removes its dreadful smell from artificial turf.

CLICK HERE TO READ MORE about how Zeo-Go is the solution to dog poo pollution!

Kitty litter

Zeo-Go extends the life of kitty litter by keeping it dry, hygienic and odour free.


Zeo-Go helps remove mould spores and musty odours from rooms and cupboards. The environment control pads are more effective, BUT Zeo-Go is a great alternative for those of us who are sensitive to the essential oils in the pads.


Zeo-Go is non-toxic, so it is safe to use with fish and plants. We’ve only used it in bird baths, but customers have told us it is excellent in ponds to control algae.

Oil spills

Zeo-Go soaks up oils with ease, even removing old oil spills efficiently with a few extra applications.

BBQ drip trays

Zeo-Go makes cleaning drip trays a breeze (the fat soaks into the fine zeolite sand).

Pot plants

Zeo-Go added to potting mix extends its water-holding capacity, stores nutrients and improves soil structure.


Zeo-Go controls many odours, including old bait-box fish smells, fridges and kitchen tidybins.

Zeo-Go Directions for use can be found HERE