Cleaning & Laundry

Zeolite in the Laundry

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Detoxifying, Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal

Use Zeo Natural’s pure, powerful superfine zeolite powder in the laundry and for cleaning hard surfaces



Add 1 level dessertspoon of superfine zeolite powder to a large load of washing.

Front loaders

Add half the load, sprinkle zeolite powder evenly over the top then add the rest of the load.

Top loaders

Add half the load, sprinkle zeolite powder evenly over the top then add the rest of the load. If the water is added to the tub before the clothes, add the zeolite powder to the water and stir around before adding the clothes.

Use as a Soaker or Stain Remover

Add 1 level dessertspoon (more or less) of zeolite powder to water in a soaking bucket and stir. Don’t put zeolite into the bucket first and then add water or you will get a face full of dust! Length of soaking time depends on the purpose. For heavily stained clothing make a zeolite paste and rub over stains before soaking and washing. Even if the whole stain doesn’t come out at least the heavy metals and chemicals, which can cause skin irritation, have been removed.


Make some zeolite paste (scroll down for instructions). Dab a damp cloth into the paste and use to clean stainless steel, whiteboards, glass and other hard surfaces. A thinner paste can also be used. Rinse well. Removes some stubborn marks, works wonderfully on old, sticky substances, whiteboard ink and as a good general detoxifying cleaner.

Make a strong solution of zeolite water and pour down drains to keep them clean and odour free.

Pure | Powerful | Detoxifying

Zeo Natural’s Australian Organic Certified zeolite (clinoptilolite) is an environmentally friendly solution to many of today’s cleaning problems

To make zeolite paste

Put enough zeolite powder into a cup or bowl for the present cleaning task. Add water slowly and stir the powder into the water, gradually adding more water as you go. It’s easy to add too much water and make the paste too runny but just add more zeolite powder as needed. Any leftover paste will dry out so rinse it down the sink to keep the drain fresh, add it to pet food or water it onto a plant.


  • Anti-viral

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Anti-fungal

  • Removes heavy metals and chemicals from dyes and chemicals

  • Removes odours

  • Helps to remove oil and grease

  • Softens water

  • Clean, fresh clothes

  • Use with vinegar or on its own if you are sensitive to detergents

  • Use with a natural laundry detergent, preferably liquid

  • Use less detergent as zeolite boosts the power of detergents

  • Ideal for sensitive skin

  • Ideal for soaking cloth nappies

  • Improves quality of grey water