What Happens When You Take Zeolite Powder?

Zeolite Drink

Zeolite (clinoptilolite) captures and removes a wide range of heavy metal ions so when you take zeolite powder internally, it travels through the gastrointestinal tract collecting and binding these heavy metal ions and other toxins on the way. As it passes through the gastrointestinal tract, zeolite exchanges cations. According to Dr David Tomlinson BA BSc (Hons 1) PhD CChem MRACI MAIAST MAIFST, the Scientific Advisor at CMZ*:

“CMZ is a sodium zeolite. In the gastrointestinal tract CMZ binds to positively charged molecules including some toxins, and exchanges a sodium ion for each molecule bound. If the zeolite has been in the stomach at acid pH of 1 for any period of time the sodium ion would have already exchanged with an Hydrogen ion. After it has passed through into the alkaline part of the small intestine, the zeolite most likely would have reverted to the sodium form or may be binding an ammonium ion say, after digesting a meal.”

“From this it can be seen that heavy metals do not pass into the body from zeolite, as some people suggest, as Australian zeolite exchanges a sodium ion, not a heavy metal ion, for each molecule bound. I don’t know which ions are exchanged by American, Asian and European zeolites but they wouldn’t be heavy metal ions because that’s not the way zeolite works.”

Zeolite also removes heavy metals and other toxic matter from the parts of the body where it has been stored. I asked David Stevens, who at the time was completing a post graduate course in Medical Physics at the ANU in Canberra, to describe the process to me and he said:

“Most transportation in the body is the result of diffusion, where materials pass through membranes in the direction from higher concentration to lower concentration. Large particles can’t travel through cell walls, however atoms and molecules can. Heavy metals will pass from higher concentration to lower concentration (for example from bone into blood) until the concentration reaches an equilibrium (same concentration in the blood as in the bone).”

“The same thing happens between the blood and the gastrointestinal tract. A high concentration of heavy metals in the blood will pass through the blood vessel walls into the gastrointestinal tract as long as the concentration is lower in the gastrointestinal tract. Now, if the zeolite in the gastrointestinal tract adsorbs the heavy metals (which it does), the heavy metals are removed from the tract, leaving a low concentration there (in fact zero concentration), so more heavy metals pass into the gastrointestinal tract from the blood, thus removing them from the blood stream, so then the heavy metals pass from the bone (higher concentration) into the blood-stream (lower concentration).”

* CMZ is the source of our Australian Organic Certified zeolite powder.

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  • Hi there. I now have the Zeolite powder. I have lived nearly 70yrs enjoying most of the catastrophes to be expected, and have lucked in with extraordinary good health – I believe; genes or something- so I am trying your product because it is more than likely I will live to 120 yrs, no worries. I have had several NDE’s, so do have some pain issues and ongoing physical issues, and got a bit fat, but not so bad that I don’t I always still run at the gate. I sort of want to know what to look for drinking Zeolite powder as instructed, as I want to see a ‘measure’ so I can confidently introduce it to my, “as out there” kids, but, I do have some patience. Also, I am preparing myself for the COVID19 mandated VAX terrorism, and believe Zeolite might give me/us some resistance to the chemicals when the police stab me/us with their directives. Hope to become full of praise with comments worth publishing…

    David Verrall

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