Australian Zeolite by Brenda White

"I absolutely loved the book, read it over the weekend, already had 3 cups of Zeolite over the last three days, love the taste and so do the kids. I’m very excited about bringing Zeolite into our lives permanently now and seeing what good it will bring us. Thank YOU for YOUR work in this area, and for spreading awareness/sharing your expertise. I’ll be making many more orders. Thanks for the attached links too! Kudos to you for doing this work so that the rest of us can learn and be enlightened by your passion and dedication, I love it!"

Naomi, Turramurra

"I had another quick look at your book before I gave it to my Aunt the other day and I must comment again on how fantastic it is. It’s packed full of information but set out simply, interestingly and down to earth, pun intended lol :). I love the pictures and photos. I’ll read anything however it looks but for those family and community members who are not so dedicated, your book is a winner! I’ve since bought two more copies, one for my dentist and another for an old family friend who looks terrible! He’s worked with pest control his whole career. I have so many more people I want to buy copies for too! Thanks so much again for such a fantastic book and everything you have done."

J. Simpson, Perth

Learn how to

  • reduce heavy metal toxicity
  • improve your overall health
  • keep your skin in top condition
  • make natural, effective first aid treatments
  • save money with pet and household tips
  • invigorate and detoxify your garden

If you care about your own health and the health of your family, pets and garden this book is for you.

If you live in a polluted environment, are concerned about heavy metal toxicity, are planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding this book is a must read.

Australian Zeolite is the ‘how to’ book for those who want practical, informative and factual information.

"Brenda has written this book for people like me who need information fast, without all the ‘fluff’ as well as for those who crave deeper knowledge. The balance is perfect!!" Joan Bell, Sydney, January 2017


  1. Zeolite, Facts and Fiction
  2. Heavy Metal Toxicity
  3. Health Impacts of Heavy Metal Toxicity
  4. Zeolite’s Health Benefits
  5. Detoxifying Methods
  6. Anti-Pollution Skin and Bath Care
  7. First Aid and Hygiene
  8. Zeolite for Animals
  9. Zeolite Around the House
  10. Zeolite in the Garden
  11. Plus Technical Data, Sources of Heavy Metal Exposure, References, Links and Index.

About the author

Brenda White introduced zeolite powder to the beauty and spa industry in 2000. Since then she has researched zeolite’s health benefits and experimented with its many uses around the house and, most of all, in skin care and first aid treatments. This book shares Brenda’s research and knowledge.