Why Choose Our Australian Zeolite?

Why Choose Our Australian Zeolite?

Discover the unparalleled quality of Australia's finest zeolite powder, sourced from Castle Mountain, on the expansive northwest plains of NSW. With more than two decades of dedicated service, we offer not just any zeolite, but a product that stands tall as Australia’s, and possibly the world’s, finest.

Australian Organic Certification: A Mark of Purity and Quality

Our zeolite powder is mined in compliance with the highest standards of purity and environmental responsibility. It holds the esteemed Australian Organic Certification, guaranteeing that it meets rigorous quality controls from extraction to processing. At Castle Mountain, zeolite of the finest grade is mined, which has led to our longstanding reputation as the premier supplier for over 20 years.

Meticulously Processed for Optimal Quality

Adhering to Australian Organic Certified Processing standards, our zeolite rocks undergo careful crushing and sieving to produce a spectrum of grades for various uses, including horticulture, odour control, and as a fine powder for animal feed.

The journey to excellence doesn’t stop there. Our micronised fine zeolite powder undergoes advanced air filtration, ensuring that only the very finest particles remain. This results in a superfine powder, with 85% of particles sized 0 - 40 microns, and an average size of 19 microns.

Consistent Pore Size

A critical yet often overlooked aspect of zeolite’s effectiveness is its internal pore size, which remains consistent regardless of the external particle size. This intrinsic feature is crucial for its ability to adsorb substances, debunking the confusing myth that effectiveness is solely determined by external particle size.

How Stability Affects Zeolite’s Therapeutic Quality

Zeo Natural’s zeolite powder is very powerful with a cation exchange capacity of 150 meq/100 g. The deposit is more than 300 million years old, geologically hard (5 on MOH scale) and very stable. Stability is a very important thing to consider if you take zeolite because unstable zeolites should never be consumed as they may cause side effects if they break down in your system. The mineral make up of our Australian zeolite is:

85% clinoptilolite (therapeutic, stable zeolite)
15% mordenite (therapeutic, stable zeolite)
Minor amounts quartz, feldspar and montmorillonite within the ore

There is another Australian zeolite powder sold online and it does not compare well with our zeolite. Its average cation exchange capacity is 104 meq/100 g and its mineral make up is:

53% heulandite (+ 36.9% clinoptilolite) (36.9% therapeutic, stable zeolite)(Heulandite is a brittle, unstable zeolite)
24% quartz
10.7% stilbite (soft, unstable zeolite)
9.6% mordenite (therapeutic, stable zeolite)
1.7% smectite

As you can see, it’s very important to know the mineral make up of the zeolite you are taking. It’s also important to know how to take zeolite to personalise your zeolite detox regime. Now, in 2024, more than ever the internet is being overloaded with false and misleading marketing information about zeolite. Please be careful when choosing what to believe and what to take.

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Brenda White is the author of the book Australian Zeolite - Facts and Practical Uses and the co-founder of Zeo Natural.

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