Beat Your Hangover

Avoid Hangovers with Zeolite

With 100% Australian & Toxin Free Zeolite

5 steps that will help you beat that hangover

Unfortunately there is no instant cure for a hangover but I’ve been told by many people that zeolite has worked for them.
Alcohol has a diuretic action causing loss of liquids from your body. Dehydration causes many of the hangover symptoms so it must be realised before you use zeolite to help get rid of your hangover, that zeolite is also dehydrating. That is why you wouldn’t drink a glass of zeolite water as soon as you get out of bed as it would make you feel even thirstier. It is very important to hydrate yourself fairly well before having your first dose of zeolite.

Five Step Hangover Relief

Step 1 Cleanse your Mouth

When you wake up you will most probably feel very thirsty, have a nasty taste in your mouth and your tongue will be coated.

Before you have a drink, rinse your mouth, spit it out, then rinse your mouth a couple of times with zeolite mouthwash, spitting it out, too.

To make the zeolite mouthwash, stir 1/4 level teaspoon of zeolite powder into half a glass of water.

Step 2 Rehydrate Yourself

Drink a glass or two of water then gargle with the rest of the zeolite water. Make sure you drink plenty of water as you will be dehydrated and the sooner you replace lost liquids the better. Fruit juice, isotonic sports drinks and coconut water will also help hydration but avoid caffeine and fizzy drinks. Keep drinking and sipping water during the day. If you are severely dehydrated you may need an oral rehydration solution.

Step 3 Get Rid of Toxins

When you feel sufficiently hydrated, stir a level teaspoon of zeolite powder into a glass of water. Drink half now and the rest in about half an hour, stir first. Drink another glass of zeolite in two or three hours followed by another a few hours after that. There is no hard and fast rule about time intervals or quantity, just make sure you drink plenty of water in between doses of zeolite. Two to four zeolite capsules can be taken instead of drinking a glass of zeolite water.

The zeolite will help to remove alcohol toxins, especially ammonia, from your liver which will ease the toxic load on your body. Getting rid of these toxins will help you to feel better and more energetic. Even though zeolite travels only through the gastrointestinal tract, it helps to draw toxic matter from all parts of the body by diffusion. For more information about how this works CLICK HERE.

Step 4 Eat Something Bland

Your body needs nutrition to boost its blood sugar levels and to restore depleted minerals, especially potassium. Drinking zeolite water should help to settle your stomach enough that you feel like eating but if you need even more help to suppress nausea and vomiting try ginger tea.

Bananas are high in potassium so a wholegrain cereal with banana sliced on top would be a good choice. If you can handle a boiled or poached egg with toast, the egg contains an amino acid which will also help to get rid of alcohol toxins. Home made beef or chicken broth would help but it would be highly unlikely you would have some on hand so just go with whatever you think you can keep down. Have another glass of zeolite water after your meal.

Step 5 Rest and Exercise

If it is possible to go back to bed, do so, because sleep will help to restore your whole system better than anything. When you feel rested enough go for a gentle stroll or a brisk walk if you feel up to it. Alternatively do some stretching exercises, but don’t over exert yourself especially if you still feel weak.

How to Avoid Hangovers

To avoid a hangover, drink a glass of zeolite water a couple of hours before you start drinking alcohol. Have another glass of water or two before you go out. During the night intersperse alcoholic drinks with water. Before you go to bed have a glass of zeolite water and a glass or two of water.