Insect Bite & Sting Relief

Insect Bite & Sting Relief with Zeolite

Ease The Pain of Insect Bites & Stings

With 100% Australian & Toxin Free Zeolite

Zeolite Mud

Zeolite mud helps to ease the pain of severe bites like wasps and bull ants quickly and also takes the itch out of mosquito and sandfly bites.

Most insect bites should be helped by zeolite. Luckily we haven’t been able to test zeolite yet on bee stings, spider bites and snake bites. In theory zeolite should work on some types of bites, as in Russia zeolite has been used for many years to draw out poisons.


Make up a thick Zeolite Mud

6 level tablespoons zeolite powder
4 teaspoons water

Put zeolite powder into a small bowl or cup, add water, stir well until smooth. Keep in a tightly sealed jar or use immediately. This mud is excellent to take on camping or fishing trips, especially in the tropics.

Zeolite Mud Applied to the Leg


Apply the Zeolite Mud and leave on the bite as long as possible, even after it has dried out. Covering the mud on an insect bite with a bandaid will help to keep the mud moist longer and stop it from falling off when it is dry.


Even if the mud is left uncovered and most of it falls off, you will see that a powder residue is left behind, especially on top of the bite. When this happens reapply more mud on top of the dried powder.

Here are some tips on applying Zeolite mud to specific bites and stings:

Ant Bites

Apply a thick dob of zeolite mud to the bite and surrounding area. When the mud dries, remove the thick dob before reapplying. The intense pain will start to go very soon. I can verify this from personal experience as I have been bitten myself several times and have also treated bites on others. While writing this book I was bitten by a green ant and once again the pain went very quickly after applying zeolite mud.

Blue Bottle Stings

We only know of one occasion when zeolite was tried on a blue bottle sting. Even though the mud was applied an hour or more after the sting occurred the pain disappeared quickly. The person suffering from the sting was an overseas tourist who just happened to meet us by accident and was very happy she did.

Mosquito and Sandfly Bites

In tropical areas every insect bite has the potential to become a tropical ulcer. If you live in these areas, dab thick zeolite mud onto the bites and the surrounding areas straight away or as soon as possible to stop the itch and prevent infection. When the dried mud falls off, reapply fresh zeolite mud and keep doing so until the bite mark has disappeared. Don’t ever scratch the bite.

Tick Bites

Tick bites are less painful if thick zeolite mud is applied as soon as the tick has been removed. Zeolite also helps to prevent the bite from becoming infected. Reapply the mud until the pain goes and the poison is drawn out. Some ticks carry the bacteria which can cause Lyme’s disease so it is important to treat their bites as soon as possible. If you have been bitten by a tick, drink a strong glass of zeolite water straight away and continue drinking zeolite water every day for at least a week. We have had reports from people suffering from Lyme’s disease who say that they feel much better now that they are drinking zeolite water.

Wasp Stings

Apply fairly thick zeolite mud to single wasp stings. If you’ve been attacked by a swarm of wasps, cover the whole area liberally with thin zeolite mud.