Garden & Chicken Grade

Zeolite for Gardening

Australian Organic Certified Zeolite Lasts Forever in your Soil

Garden & Chicken Grade

Zeo Blend is a blend of zeolite granules from 0.5 mm to 2.2 mm in size. The smaller particles give Zeo Blend a high cation exchange while the larger granules help to improve soil structure.

Zeo Blend has many benefits for sandy, sandy loam, heavy loam and clay soils.

  • traps and bonds heavy metals
  • increases the cation exchange capacity of soil
  • increases growth and yield
  • improves plant health
  • improves soil porosity
  • improves water retention and distribution
  • improves fertilizer efficiency
  • converts ammonia to nitrogen
  • prevents nitrogen from leaching into the soil and waterways
  • helps to remediate soil salinity and acidification
  • helps to improve degraded soil
  • geologically hard and stable, Australian zeolite lasts forever

Spreading garden and chicken grade zeolite onto the floor of your chicken coop and adding it to their feed will benefit your chickens and their environment in many ways:

  • takes up and permanently bonds heavy metals and other harmful substances
  • controls mycotoxins in feed
  • promotes higher levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in eggs
  • reduces moisture in droppings
  • reduces diarrhoea
  • reduces odour
  • takes up ammonia and converts it to nitrogen
  • recycles into a nitrogen boosted soil additive

Add zeolite to the chicken feed at the rate of about 1 – 2%

Superfine zeolite powder can be given to your chickens in water. Give them a separate bowl and add zeolite at the rate of about 1 rounded tablespoon to 5 Lt water. When the zeolite powder settles to the bottom of the bowl, stir it until it looks muddy again.

Spread zeolite around areas where your chickens roam about your garden and lawn to reduce the risk of heavy metal contamination.

If eggs need to be washed add some zeolite powder to the water to remove e.coli and other bacteria.

Zeo Natural’s Australian Organic Certified Zeolite is mined in north west NSW and is 100% natural and safe for chickens.


Zeo Blend is available by the pallet at a wholesale price. Each pallet holds 68 x 15 kg bags, minimum order is a quarter of a pallet. Zeo Blend is also available in a 1 tonne bulk bag. Please contact us for a quote.

How Australian Zeolite Works in your Soil

Zeo Blend lasts forever. It’s a permanent asset that continually works to improve your soil.
Removes heavy metals from soil
Zeolite attracts, captures and permanently bonds heavy metals and the volatile organic compounds found in chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. Zeolite’s permanent bonding action prevents these pollutants from leaching into the soil and waterways.
Increases cation exchange capacity of soil
The higher the cation exchange capacity, the higher the soil fertility. Zeo Blend has an average CEC of 150 meq/100g, 25% higher than any other Australian zeolite.
Converts ammonia to nitrogen
Zeolite acts as a slow release fertiliser by taking up the ammonia from manure and fertilisers then releasing it as nitrogen to plants when it is needed.
Increases fertiliser efficiency
Zeolite continually captures nutrients by ion-exchange then releases them to plants when needed. Zeolite is not a source of nutrient, it is a slow release storage vessel for excess nutrient to prevent its loss by leaching and evaporation.
Improves water retention and distribution
Zeolite attracts and holds water then releases it to plants when needed; it also distributes water evenly through the soil. This action limits the proliferation of harmful fungi caused by excess soil moisture.
Improves soil porosity
The addition of hard particles of zeolite to the soil improves soil porosity by its physical presence. Zeolite itself is porous so it increases soil aeration which aids the proliferation of beneficial fungi.
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Gardening Guide

Zeo Blend encourages strong vigorous growth in plants. How much to use depends on soil condition and planting depth.
  • As a general rule, use 1 kg Zeo Blend per sq m.
  • Remember, Zeo Blend is a storehouse for fertiliser and water and performs best where the roots have access to it, i.e. the root zone level.
  • Granular fertiliser should be mixed through the soil when adding Zeo Blend. Water thoroughly afterwards.
  • If you are using liquid fertiliser, water the soil after adding Zeo Blend followed by the liquid fertiliser.
Spread Zeo Blend through and over organic matter when adding it to the compost heap. When turning compost add more Zeo Blend. Increase the rate of application if fresh manure is used in compost. If the compost has an offensive odour, cap it with more Zeo Blend.
Use Zeo Blend as a mulch around garden plants, young trees and pot plants to retain moisture and minimize the splashing of fungal spores onto foliage from bare soil.
New Garden Bed Preparation
Mix some Zeo Blend into the old soil. If the base is hard clay, aerate it then sprinkle Zeo Blend into the holes. Mix more Zeo Blend through the new soil before spreading.
Improving Existing Gardens
Aerate the soil around any existing plants then spread Zeo Blend so that some goes into the holes. When planting new plants, put Zeo Blend into the bottom of the hole and mix more through the soil used for filling.
Put Zeo Blend into the bottom of the planting hole to avoid bulbs rotting from being too wet. Use about1 teaspoon to1 tablespoon of Zeo Blend, depending on the size of the hole and bulb. Mix Zeo Blend through the filling soil at the appropriate rate for your soil type.
Vegetable Gardens
Zeo Blend is Australian Organic Certified for use in organic gardens. You will have higher than normal crop yields when you add it to your soil, especially if you add it to the root zone. Prepare the garden and plant the vegetables as described above.
New Lawns
Spread Zeo Blend to generously cover the soil, fork through lightly before laying the turf. If using a sand base, spread Zeo Blend over the sand.
Existing Lawns
Aerate the lawn then spread Zeo Blend at the rate of 500 g to1 kg per sq m depending on the condition of the soil and the grass. Add lawn fertilizer at the same time then water thoroughly.
Bare Patches on Lawns
Use a fork to aerate and loosen the area. Spread Zeo Blend generously, fertilise and water thoroughly. If necessary in a large bare area, sow grass seed or plant runners.
Planting Shrubs and Trees
Put Zeo Blend into the bottom of the planting hole, also mix it through the soil used to fill the hole. Put Zeo Blend around the base as a mulch. Water thoroughly.
Pot Plants and Hanging Baskets
Add Zeo Blend to potting mixes to improve drainage, extend water-holding capacity, store nutrients and increase soil fertility. Mix one part Zeo Blend to three or four parts potting mix.
African Violets
Sift the Zeo Blend and place the large chips in the plate under the pot, also use the large chips as mulch to support and revive weak plants.
Sift the Zeo Blend and use equal parts of the fine particles and peat moss when propagating tip cuttings.