Pet Care

Zeolite & Pet Care

100% Australian and Toxin Free

A Beneficial Supplement for All Animals

Zeolite For Domestic Pets

All animals benefit from drinking zeolite water or having zeolite powder added to their wet food. Zeolite helps to relieve skin conditions and behavioural issues as well as helping to eliminate urine stains on the lawn.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Add 1 – 2 teaspoons of zeolite powder to a small bowl of water and place it next to your pet’s normal water bowl. Zeolite is dehydrating so fresh water should also be available.

When the water level drops in the zeolite water bowl, add more water. Replace the zeolite every 3 – 5 days or whenever you clean the bowl. The zeolite will settle and the water will go clear after a day or so and, even though the clear water is still beneficial, stir the bowl occasionally so that more of the zeolite powder is available.

Zeolite can also be added to your pet’s wet food. The quantity used depends on the size of your pet, e.g. ¼ teaspoon for a cat or small dog up to 1 teaspoon for a large dog.

Keeping Your Pet’s Environment Clean

Zeolite absorbs ammonia and its odour better than anything else I’ve tried. Adding zeolite to your pet’s drinking water helps to lessen the ammonia in your pet’s urine.

Spreading Zeo Blend garden grade zeolite over the bottom of rabbit pens, chicken coops and bird cages significantly reduces ammonia and other odours.

Pet Care is a topic covered in much more detail in our book, Australian Zeolite by Brenda White. LEARN MORE