Domestic Pets

All animals benefit from drinking zeolite water or having zeolite powder added to their wet food. Our rottweiler, Sunny, and our cat, Pip, both lived long, healthy happy lives and both of them had zeolite water always available. We also had no problem with urine stains on the lawn because giving your pets zeolite helps to prevent this problem. Some people even put zeolite rocks in their pet’s water bowl for this purpose.

Even kangaroos instinctively know zeolite’s benefits. When Rayelene Kerr started to give her eight horses zeolite water in addition to their normal water, she noticed the kangaroos would also drink the zeolite water. Native birds will also go to the zeolite water first and then top up with normal water.

Rayelene has had many success stories with animals. Most recently she told me about a four month old foal who had suffered with constant scours since birth. Standard vet treatments were of no benefit. After four weeks of taking zeolite regularly the foal stopped scouring, regained strength by the day and now has a bright future. As Rayelene said ... very satisfying results for very little cost and absolutely no trauma.

Domestic Pets

Rayelene has also had success with dogs. A nine year old sheepdog she knows was given a new home and was very angry. He ripped his new couch to shreds in two weeks, barked at nothing, snapped and attempted to bite on several occasions for no reason at all.

Three weeks after taking a daily dose of zeolite powder Rayelene was told that it was as if someone had turned off the ‘nastiness’ and the dog was now happy. There was no more attacking his couch and no more attempting to bite, just a completely different old dog who actually smiles. Rayelene says that time after time she has seen the same improvement in overall health and temperament after an animal has been taking zeolite.

Zeolite can help some skin conditions, too. A Maltese Shitzu we were told about had a debilitating rash which the vet said was incurable. Zeolite was added to its dinner every night and after about three weeks the rash had completely cleared up. There are more happy animal stories at the end of this chapter.

Zeolite powder is also useful for cleaning up pet messes and it also extends the life of kitty litter.

Zeolite Added to Drinking Water

Add 1 - 2 teaspoons of zeolite powder to a small bowl of water and place it next to your pet’s normal water bowl. When the water level drops, add more water. Replace the zeolite every 3 - 5 days or whenever you clean the bowl. The water will go clear after a day and even though the clear water is still beneficial, stir the bowl occasionally so that more of the zeolite powder itself is available.

Zeolite Added to Food

If you find that your pet isn’t drinking enough zeolite water, stir some zeolite powder into the wet food instead, your pet will not even know it’s there. The quantity used depends on the size of your pet, e.g. 1/4 teaspoon for a cat or small dog up to 1 teaspoon for a large dog.

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