How to Make & Drink Zeolite Water

The best liquid zeolite is the zeolite water you make yourself and it’s also the best price!

A 50 ml bottle of so called liquid zeolite = 580 mg zeolite and will cost anywhere from $20.00 – $85.00

One level teaspoon of Australian zeolite powder = 2500 mg and costs 20c.

This is the equivalent dosage of about 5 full bottles of liquid zeolite for 20c.

Use the powder and you will save from $100.00 to $425.00 and get much more benefit!!!

There are several ways to make and drink zeolite water.

If you use Method 2 below you won’t be having a full dose so you will have to drink at least two or three glasses during the day, depending on how much sediment has settled.

Method 1 Add zeolite powder to a 200 ml – 250 ml glass of water, stir and drink the whole glass of zeolite water straight away. Drink more water afterwards.

Method 2 Add zeolite powder to a 200 ml – 250 ml glass of water, stir and leave to stand for a few minutes before drinking. This lets the larger particles of powder settle to the bottom of the glass. Add more water to drink later in the day or to use as a mouth wash. The remaining sediment can be used as emergency zeolite mud for first aid or as a face mask.

Method 3 For a gentle detox, add one teaspoon zeolite powder to 1 Lt water. Drink glasses of this mixture during the day, stir first before pouring.

The quantity consumed can be increased to two teaspoons in 2 Lt water daily. This method assures adequate hydration.


  • Hi Lyn, Zeolite should not be taken while undergoing chemotherapy but can be taken afterwards. To avoid over-detox symptoms, take small amounts of zeolite at first and increase the dose gradually.

    Zeo Natural
  • Is it safe to take zeolite water whilst undergoing chemotherapy?

  • Hi Nic, If you follow the instructions on this page, you should not experience side-effects:

    Zeo Natural
  • Hi, there is nothing mentioned in the FAQ about detox side effects. Can you list them please?

  • Hi Judy, We are not sure which zeolite you’ve been using but we can’t see the name Trudy on our order list for this month. One level quarter teaspoon of our zeolite is advised when starting a detox regime. There is a lot of information about zeolite on our website. If you scroll down to the bottom of the home page you will find links to scientific reports on zeolite’s therapeutic uses and a critical review of clinoptilolite safety. There are more articles in the Article section and our very popular book, Australian Zeolite – Facts and Practical Uses which has more than 180 pages of useful information.

    Zeo Natural

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