Removing Odours with Zeolite

Zeolite removes most malodours. If you have an odour problem which is not listed here, try zeolite because it will most probably work. Zeolite absorbs odours better if it is slightly moist but not wet. To get some moisture into the zeolite powder, spray it lightly with an atomizer, stir a few times as you are spraying to ensure an even distribution.

When zeolite powder has been used for a while and seems to lose its odour eating ability, it can be regenerated by putting it in the sun for a few hours.


Put some zeolite powder or zeolite sand in the bottom of ashtrays to help remove the smell of used cigarette butts, we’ve heard it works well.

Boat and Caravan Toilets

Add zeolite powder to the toilet’s holding tank to reduce malodours and make disposal hygienic, easier and more pleasant. Pour a quarter to half a cup of zeolite powder into the bowl of the toilet then flush to get it into the holding tank. The quantity needed depends on the tank’s capacity and frequency of emptying. Zeolite’s bacteriostatic action helps to control the growth and proliferation of E.coli and its interaction with ammonium ions keeps smells in check.


Add about a heaped tablespoon of zeolite powder to a 500 ml jug of water. Mix well and pour it into the drain hole.

Fridge Odours

Place a bowl of zeolite powder in the fridge, replace when needed.

Garbage Bins

If garbage becomes smelly, sprinkle zeolite powder liberally on top.

Kitchen Tidy Bins

I’ve noticed over the years that spreading zeolite powder over the bottom of the bin, under the kitchen tidy bag, helps to keep the bin smelling fresh. Another benefit is, if the bag leaks the zeolite absorbs any liquid making it much easier to clean up the mess. In theory, zeolite needs water to activate its odour eating ability but in this case there seems to be enough moisture in the air at the bottom of the bin for it to work well.

Mould and Musty Odours

Sprinkle zeolite powder in areas of persistent dampness. Place a bowl of zeolite powder under the kitchen sink or in any other area prone to dampness. Replace the zeolite when needed or leave the bowl in the sun for a few hours to regenerate. No need to dampen the zeolite first.

Rotten Fish and Prawn Smells

Zeolite absorbs the smell of dead fish and prawns, even if the smell is a few days old. I never thought we would get the smell out of the spare fridge when bait had accidentally been left in there after the fridge had been turned off, but zeolite worked so well we were absolutely amazed.

Remove the offending item then cover the area with zeolite powder. Leave for a few hours or overnight. Scrape the zeolite into a bag for disposal then wash and rinse the area with a strong solution of zeolite water. Repeat if necessary. Bait boxes can be sprayed or wiped over with zeolite water to remove lingering odours. As the zeolite water dries the smell is removed. A bowl of zeolite powder can be left in the box to reduce odours further.

Smelly Shoes

Sprinkle a heaped teaspoon of zeolite powder into each shoe, shake to distribute evenly. Leave overnight then bang out the powder, avoiding inhalation. Wipe inside to remove any remaining powder. To store shoes with lingering odours, put some zeolite powder into sealed paper envelopes and place one into each shoe. Add a drop of eucalyptus or tea tree oil. Better still, drink zeolite water and you won’t have the problem.

Smelly Vases

Fill the vase and stir in about half a teaspoon of zeolite powder, depending on the size of the vase. Pour the zeolite water out when the odour has gone then rinse the vase.

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