Zeolite Detox - A Dose a Day Keeps Heavy Metals Away

There are significant benefits in taking zeolite regularly. If you don’t detox heavy metals and other chemicals over your lifetime, they can build up and cause many unwanted health problems.

By middle age your body will probably be showing signs of toxicity of some sort and, if this is left unchecked, your older years may be uncomfortable.

Toxic levels of lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminium can cause many health problems:

  • arthritis
  • candida
  • food intolerance
  • histamine intolerance
  • anaemia
  • heart disease
  • diabetes 2
  • digestive disorders
  • low enzyme activity
  • brain fog
  • fatigue and low energy
  • kidney dysfunction
  • liver dysfunction
  • skin problems
  • aggression
  • depression
  • suicidal tendencies
  • anti-social behaviour
  • disorientation
  • loss of coordination
  • low memory retention
  • cognitive impairment

Ingesting, inhaling and absorbing heavy metals can’t be avoided but a dangerous build up of them can be avoided if you detox with zeolite regularly.

I’ve been taking our Australian zeolite powder for 22 years, and so has my husband. We’re both in our 70's and have no health problems associated with heavy metal or chemical toxicity. We swapped over to zeolite + fulvic/humic acid about seven years ago and found that this blend gave us an added boost in energy and wellbeing.

The detox dosage depends on your size and health. If you haven’t taken zeolite before, start with a dose of 1/4 level teaspoon powder or 1 capsule per day and increase the dosage gradually up to 1 level teaspoon powder or 4 capsules per day. Mix the powder into a glass of water and drink it over the day. Spread the capsule dose over the day, too. Have a break for a couple of days every few weeks.

The following scientific study discusses zeolite’s use as a medicinal treatment and a preventative (prophylaxis) against disease. It concludes:

“On the basis of the foregoing, it should be acknowledged that zeolites have a substantial potential for the treatment and prophylaxis of various diseases in humans and in animals. Further research targeted at defining the medicinal mechanisms of their action, employing the principles of the evidence-based medicine shall be deemed as valid and indispensable.”

Possibility of Application of Natural Zeolites for Medicinal Purposes
by Teimuraz Andronikashvili, Karaman Pagava, Tengiz Kurashvili and Luba Eprikashvili. Bulletin of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, vol. 3, no. 2, 2009 ©

CLICK HERE to read the full report.

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