Three Steps to Clear Pimple Problems

Zeolite Skin Care

Zeolite’s bacteriostatic action helps to clear pimples quickly and naturally. Zeolite reduces the water available to the bacteria, thereby inhibiting its microbial growth and proliferation.

Step 1 Drink Zeolite Water Every Day

Many people have found that drinking zeolite water at the same time as applying zeolite to their skin has helped to clear their pimples quickly. If you only use zeolite on your skin you may have to persevere with the treatment a bit longer. Always drink plenty of water when taking zeolite.

Step 2 Zeolite Cleanser/Mask

Use our Beautifying Face Mask as a cleanser every day, applying it to slightly damp skin with a gentle upward and outward massaging motion. Leave for a minute or two then rinse thoroughly. At least once a week use as a mask by leaving it to dry before rinsing.

Step 3 Spot Treatment

This is a good way to clear pimples quickly. I’ve been amazed to see many pimples vanish after just one application.

2 1/4 level teaspoon zeolite powder

1 teaspoon water

Put zeolite powder into a small bowl, add water and stir until it is a smooth mud. If the zeolite mud falls off your skin, the mixture is too dry.

Apply a thick dob of zeolite mud to individual pimples, leave to dry then rinse off. Repeat the spot treatment as often as necessary until the pimple disappears completely.

Keep the mixture covered between applications and if it dries out add another drop or two of water.

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