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Beautifying Face Mask

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100g Beautifying Face Mask

Helps to remove environmental pollutants and reduce the signs of premature ageing. 125 natural nutrients from minerals and whole foods. If you’re not amazed at the results, we will be!

Save your skin

Every day your skin is bombarded with airborne pollution which contains heavy metals and other impurities which clog your skin causing enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples and premature ageing.  Believe it or not, some top of the line cosmetic brands still contain heavy metals like lead and cadmium.

Australian Organic Certified Zeolite, the main ingredient in the Beautifying Mask, is an active mineral which magnetically draws, traps and neutralises these impurities.

If you eat fresh food, why not do the same for your skin?

The blend of active minerals and natural whole foods in this nourishing face mask provides 125 nutrients your skin needs for good health:
  • 19 Minerals and Trace Elements
  • 19 Amino Acids
  • 14 Vitamins
  • 14 Polyphenols (Bioflavinoids)
  • 9 Phytoenzymes
  • 8 Carbohydrates and Sugars
  • 7 Organic Acids
  • 6 Immunoglobulins
  • 6 Saponins
  • 5 Proteins
  • 4 Fats (Essential Fatty Acids)
  • 4 Lipids
  • 4 Quinones and Anthraquinones
  • 2 Phytohormones
  • 2 Phytosterols
  • 2 Volatile Oils
When you try our mask you will be amazed at its beautifying results ...

It's the best mask I’ve ever used, in fact it's the most effective skin care product I’ve used in 40 years in the beauty industry.  C. Armstrong, Product Formulator and Founder of Spa & Wellness Magazine, Mountain Creek, Qld. April 2013

Thank you so much for those face masks! My girlfriend and I tried them on the weekend and our skin feels absolutely amazing!   B. Hehir, Arundel, Qld.  September, 2013

Fresh is best!

It takes less time than it does to make a cup of tea to prepare this nutritious mask but if you want a fresh and wholesome product for your skin this is the best way to achieve it.  One important benefit of using a fresh mask is that there are absolutely no preservatives.

Our Beautifying Mask will help to:

  • detoxify your skin from the harmful effects of environmental pollutants and harmful chemicals
  • deeply cleanse away grease, dirt
  • smooth, exfoliate and soften skin texture
  • reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness
  • promote production of collagen
  • improve firmness and elasticity
  • strengthen skin
  • reduce spider veins
It will also help to:
  • nourish, revitalise and rejuvenate
  • moisturise and hydrate
  • cool and refresh
  • reduce inflammation, soothe irritated skin and sunburn
  • reduce scar tissue and rapidly repair damaged skin cells
  • shrink enlarged pores, tone, tighten and refine
  • clear blackheads and pimples, soothe acne and fight bacteria
  • lighten, reduce redness and fade brown patches

    Our Beautifying Mask contains 10 thick masks or 20 thin masks or you can use the mask blend as an exfoliating oil free cleanser or a spot treament.  Full directions are on back label.


    Thank you so much for those face masks! My girlfriend and I tried them on the weekend and our skin feels absolutely amazing!

    B. Hehir, Arundel, Qld.  September, 2013


    Thanks, Brenda, the mask was delivered yesterday. I have used it before and my husband thinks it is the only mask I have ever used that you can actually see the difference in my skin tone and texture.




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