Zeolite Formation & Purity

Because of its geological age, Australia has one of the oldest zeolite deposits in the world. We source our zeolite from a deposit which is approximately 305 million years old. Zeolites sourced from overseas deposits are much younger, ranging in age from about 2 million to 100 million years old.

305 million years ago there was a vast range of active volcanos in the area where the Warrumbungles now stand. These volcanoes poured out a continuous stream of volcanic ash into the atmosphere. The prevailing winds carried the ash towards a huge reasonably shallow inland lake approximately 130 sq km in size. Much of the volcanic ash fell into this lake which was the perfect depth to form zeolite.

Over millions of years the lake became solid with compacted zeolite. About 5 million or so years ago (at the time that the Great Dividing Range was being formed) there was a series of catastrophic earthquakes. One of the earthquakes was so big that the deposit of zeolite was turned on its edge and dropped into an enormous hole in the earth. This is the deposit which now supplies the purest, finest quality zeolite in Australia.

Comparison of Australian Zeolite & Overseas Zeolites

Australian Zeolite

  • Hard, stable (mohs hardness of 5-6)
  • Stable
  • Contains no dissolved salts
  • Needs no cleaning before use

Overseas Zeolites

  • Soft (breaks down under pressure)
  • Unstable
  • Contains dissolved salts

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