Source of Zeo Natural’s Zeolite Powder

The source of Zeo Natural’s superfine zeolite powder is a pristine rural location in NSW.

The mine supplies the finest quality, pure Australian Organic Certified zeolite available.

The zeolite deposit is solid red rock, 305 million years old and covered by a protective layer of paramagnetic conglomerate rock.

Australian Organic Certified Processing

After the zeolite rocks have been mined they are crushed and sieved into a wide range of grades which are used for many purposes, e.g. granules for filtration and fine powder for animal feed.

The fine powder is further processed by air filtration, where the larger particles drop down leaving behind only the very finest particles. The particle size range of the remaining superfine zeolite powder is 85% 0 - 40 microns with an average of 19 microns. Whatever size particle the zeolite is processed to, the internal pore size of the zeolite molecule stays the same.

Mineralogy and CEC

The zeolite component of our Australian zeolite is 85% clinoptilolite and 15% mordenite (another variety of zeolite which is also beneficial for health). Other minerals in the zeolite ore are minor amounts of quartz, feldspar and montmorillonite. Australian zeolite is very powerful, with an average cation exchange capacity of 150 meq/100g.

It’s important to make sure you know the mineral make up and source of the zeolite you choose, whether it’s from Australia or overseas. Choosing Zeo Natural’s zeolite products ensures you’ll be using the purest and most powerful zeolite available in Australia, if not the world!


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