How Zeolite Detoxifies Heavy Metals Stored in Your Body

LEAD is stored in the kidneys, bone marrow, liver, brain, bones, breast milk, teeth and hair.

MERCURY is stored in the kidneys, blood, spleen, brain, liver, bones, breast milk, hair and fatty tissues.

CADMIUM is stored in the liver, kidneys, pancreas, blood, the salivary glands and bones.

ALUMINIUM is stored in the lungs, liver, thyroid, bones and brain. Levels in the lungs and brain show considerable accumulation with age.

Zeolite removes heavy metals and other toxic matter from the parts of the body where it has been stored.

A few years ago I asked David Stevens, who at the time was completing a post graduate course in Medical Physics at the ANU in Canberra, to describe the process to me and he said:

“Most transportation in the body is the result of diffusion, where materials pass through membranes in the direction from higher concentration to lower concentration. Large particles can’t travel through cell walls, however atoms and molecules can. Heavy metals will pass from higher concentration to lower concentration (for example from bone into blood) until the concentration reaches an equilibrium (same concentration in the blood as in the bone).

The same thing happens between the blood and the gastrointestinal tract. A high concentration of heavy metals in the blood will pass through the blood vessel walls into the gastrointestinal tract as long as the concentration is lower in the gastrointestinal tract. Now, if the zeolite in the gastrointestinal tract adsorbs the heavy metals (which it does), the heavy metals are removed from the tract, leaving a low concentration there (in fact zero concentration), so more heavy metals pass into the gastrointestinal tract from the blood, thus removing them from the blood stream, so then the heavy metals pass from the bone (higher concentration) into the blood-stream (lower concentration).


  • The reason that there are no scientific studies is because Big Pharm and Big Med do not want to fund any research that will prove zeolite works, because it would put them out of business because people would no longer need to take the horrible pills that make so much money for Big Pharm and Big Med. The real studies are showing in the people who are taking zeolite and seeing amazing changes in their health and healing!

  • Thanks for your question Ian. There are no scientific studies to prove this but many of the health practitioners who supply our products to their clients have reported very positive overall results. There are more answers to frequently asked questions here:

  • I have seen information from zeolite suppliers in USA about the effectiveness of zeolite in soaking up graphine nanoparticles. Just wondering if you folk have something to say about this.


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