Is Iron Overload (Haemochromatosis) Making You Tired?

If so, a zeolite detox may lighten your load.

Hereditary iron overload (haemochromatosis) affects 1 in 200 people in Australia but is under-diagnosed, partly because its symptoms are similar to those caused by other illnesses. All sexes are at risk from iron overload, with women tending to develop it later because of blood loss during their childbearing years.

The most common way to lower iron levels is by regularly removing blood, similar to donating it. Four years ago, scientific research looked at natural clinoptilolite zeolite as an alternative treatment. The trials showed success with mice, and the scientists concluded that zeolite might also have a potential for use in humans. There is a link to their full report below.

Anecdotal evidence is growing, showing that zeolite, or zeolite + fulvic/humic acid, may take up excess iron levels, thereby reducing the symptoms of iron overload.

"I no longer have symptoms of iron overload thanks to a zeolite detox"

Results of a couple of blood tests over the period of about a year showed that I had iron overload. I had a few symptoms including dizziness, lethargy and sleeplessness. The doctor ordered a genetics test for haemochromatosis. I started taking the zeolite with fulvic and humic acid every day about a week before the genetics test as I had heard it can help with iron overload. The test came back clear with iron levels in the normal range. Also, about three days after drinking the zeolite blend every day, I stopped getting the weird dizzy feeling I was getting in my head and it hasn’t been back. I was getting the feeling every day before that! I feel I have much more energy too! S. Quantrell, NSW, March 2021

The following information about iron overload comes from Haemochromatosis Australia.

Haemochromatosis can affect the body’s ability to regulate iron absorption and can lead to too much iron being taken up and stored. It is this excess iron which can cause harm.

The symptoms may include:

  • general fatigue
  • weakness
  • weight loss
  • abdominal pain
  • joint aches

If iron overload is left untreated, the liver can become enlarged and damaged leading to serious diseases such as:

  • cirrhosis
  • liver cancer
  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • endocrine dysfunction
  • sexual dysfunction
  • arthritis

The good news is that haemochromatosis can be treated.

Zeolite May Help to Counter the Effects of Excess Iron

I can only find one scientific study on the possibility of zeolite reducing excess iron levels, which is surprising because the study had very positive results.

In June 2018, a research document was published showing results of a study on zeolite’s ability to reduce iron overload in mice. In the Abstract it states:

“Zeolites are currently in a transition period, moving towards implementation in human ailments and diseases. Here, we postulated that zeolites may be able to counter the effects of excess iron, and conducted a mouse model trial to gauge the utility of this notion.”

It also states:

“The purpose of the present pilot study was to examine potential alternatives to current iron chelation treatments, and the results indicate an advantage to using zeolites in conditions of iron excess. Zeolites may have translational potential for use in cases of human iron overload.”

The full article, Zeolite protects mice from iron-induced damage in a mouse model trial, is available as a PDF document.

There is a lot more to read about hereditary iron overload on Haemochromatosis Australia’s website.

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