Health Impacts of Aluminium Toxicity

Nervous System

It has been shown that when aluminium replaces calcium, even in a very low concentration, it decreases spontaneous nervous discharge, thereby reducing nervous activity.

Brain Anatomy

Aluminium accumulates in most brain cells and can induce change in certain vulnerable neurons. Increased aluminium accumulation is known to be associated with neuro-fibrillary tangles (threadlike tangles of slender fibers within a nerve cell).

Neurochemical Effects

Inconclusive research studies have shown that aluminium may inhibit functioning of neurotransmitters and can alter the reassociation of DNA.

Behavioral Effects

Animal tests show that aluminium can cause loss of coordination and difficulties in memory retention and learning. Aluminium toxicity is also related to the memory loss, loss of coordination, confusion and disorientation caused by dementia in kidney dialysis patients.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Even though significant levels of aluminium are noted at autopsies in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, some researchers feel that it is not the primary agent responsible.

Motor Neurone Disease

Medical studies on the island of Guam showed a relationship between high aluminium levels in the soil and a high incidence of Motor Neurone Disease.


Aluminium’s interference with iron metabolism may result in anaemia.

Blood Disorders

Aluminium toxicity can possibly lead to blood disorders such as porphria, haemolysis and leukocytosis.

Bone Fractures

Dialysis patients display increased bone fractures when their drinking water is low in calcium and high in aluminium.


As aluminium affects the activity of the bowel activity it can cause digestive disturbances such as colic.


Aluminium toxicity can cause dental caries in two ways, by impairing bone calcification and uptake of fluoride.


Aluminium toxicity is regarded to be the main cause of dementia in dialysis patients with renal failure.


High aluminium levels may cause a feedback mechanism which affects the parathyroid glands.

Kidney Dysfunction

Fatty degeneration of the kidney can be caused from aluminium toxicity.

Liver Dysfunction

Fatty degeneration of the liver can be caused from aluminium toxicity.

Parkinson’s Disease

Studies have shown that aluminium’s effect on the nervous system may be a possible link between aluminium toxicity and Parkinson’s disease.

The above information is based mainly on articles by Analytical Research Labs Inc, Phoenix, Arizona. To read more about aluminium toxicity please CLICK HERE

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