Fulvic / Humic Acid Helps Prevent Viral Infection

It is well known that fulvic / humic acid inhibits viruses but it’s always good to have the knowledge of how this occurs. The following article from scientists at a German University is very informative.

“Medical Aspects and Applications of Humic Substances” Regarding the Antiviral Activity of Humic Substance

By Prof. Dr. Renate Klocking & Dr. rer. nat. Bjorn Helbig, Institute for Aniviral Chemotherapy, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany.

Our Conclusions

Research indicates that Humic Acids functions both prophylactically as well as therapeutically in the treatment of viral diseases.

Humic Acid is first a preventative, because it interferes with a virus’ ability to attach to a host cell, penetrate the host cell, and reproduce itself. Scientific studies have demonstrated that if a host cell is penetrated before the introduction of the Humic Acid, the viral reproductive process within the host cell is not halted.

HOWEVER, if one has latently infected cells (i.e. those with chronic viral infections) and Humic Acid is present, once the host cell releases the new viruses into the bloodstream the Humic Acid helps prevent the new generation(s) of viruses from attaching to the cell wall, hijacking the DNA or RNA and reproducing, effectively lowering the body’s viral load over time and hence its therapeutic function for active viral infections.

Humic Acid may work for most, if not all, viral infections. Other studies are currently on going throughout the world.

Michael Ash, 25 September 2013, Published in News2


The Combination of Zeolite and Fulvic / Humic Acid

Not only does zeolite powder help to remove heavy metals, VOCs and other toxins (like those in bushfire smoke and other types of air pollution), it also has some antiviral properties but not as significant as fulvic/humic acid’s abilities.

Antiviral properties of clinoptilolite

Magdalena Grce *, Kres?imir Pavelic´, ‘‘Rudjer Boskovic’’ Institute, Division of Molecular Medicine, Bijenicka 54, HR-10002 Zagreb, Croatia, 2004

4. Conclusion

Our preliminary results, indicate an antiviral property of clinoptilolite that open a possibility of therapeutical application of MZ either locally (skin) against herpes virus infections or orally in cases of adenovirus or enterovirus infections. However, the inhibitory effect of viral proliferation was observed with high concentration of MZ (over 12mg/ml) which makes the clinical applications and the dose-response effect difficult to establish. Fortunately, MZ could be used in purification of drinking water from different viral particles without concern of concentration of MZ for application.

Note: MZ = micronized zeolite


Zeolite and Fulvic / Humic Acid

The combination of the two minerals, earth based zeolite and plant based fulvic / humic acid, work very well together. Even though I can’t find any scholarly research on the benefits of this combination I can speak from personal experience, so can my husband, and we know from many repeat orders that other people must have the same positive experience.

In blending the finest quality Australian zeolite powder with the finest quality Hungarian fulvic / humic acid we have created two products we are very proud to offer you. Both products have the same powerful ratio of zeolite to fulvic / humic acid and both products work very well. 100% natural, no fillers.


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