Concern About the Lead Content of Zeolite

Of course zeolite contains heavy metals like lead and cadmium, that’s because that’s what they do … take up heavy metals but then they bind them so they are permanently unavailable. This means when you take zeolite you are not eating lead, cadmium, etc. The whole intact zeolite particle passes through your gastrointestinal tract gathering more heavy metals and other toxic matter as it goes.

These heavy metals don’t show up on analyses because the quantities are minute and are below the level of reporting.

Zeolite also contains aluminium, which is a transition metal. Without its aluminium content, zeolite would not have a capacity for cation exchange and would not be able to take up heavy metals. The aluminium content of zeolite is permanently bound into the zeolite structure.

Because of Australian zeolite’s wonderful ability to take up lead, one young girl is much happier.

In Port Pirie, South Australia, young children have their lead levels checked because of the danger of lead poisoning from the local lead smelter. The daughter of one of our customers had her lead level tested two years ago and it was found to be 12 micrograms per decilitre (µg/dL) which is above acceptable levels. After taking Australian zeolite powder for about three months her lead level dropped to 1 µg/dL.

Taken from Living with Australian Zeolite by Brenda White


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