Zeolite Deodorant

Zeolite is a great deodorant for everybody, especially chemically sensitive people.

Zeolite powder is bacteriostatic so it helps to prevent the growth and proliferation of the bacteria which cause malodour. Bacteria live in moisture, zeolite controls moisture by absorbing water. Both of these actions make zeolite an excellent deodorant.

Sprinkle zeolite powder onto your hands and then apply sparingly under your arms or use very thin zeolite mud, both methods work well. Zeolite powder blended with cornflour can also be used as a deodorant. Try one part zeolite powder to three parts cornflour or a 50/50 mix.

You may find zeolite powder does not prevent malodour when first using it because of all the toxins being drawn out in the initial applications. If this is the case, rinse the powder off, dry the area thoroughly and reapply more powder. If your lymph gland needs detoxifying, it is a good idea to apply thick zeolite mud to your armpits and leave for about 10 minutes before removing it.

I found that when I started drinking zeolite water regularly I needed a deodorant less and less and now rarely need one. If I do, I use zeolite powder. My husband is the same and no longer needs a deodorant at all.

There’s a lot more tips about the practical uses of zeolite in the book 'Australian Zeolite Facts & Practical Uses'.

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