Applications for Zeolite Lotion

How to Make Zeolite Lotion

  • 1/4 - 1/2 level teaspoon zeolite powder
  • 1 rounded tablespoon natural moisturising lotion

Put the zeolite powder into a very small bowl. Add about a quarter of the lotion then blend together until smooth. Add the remaining lotion and mix well. Store in a small airtight jar.

Applications for Zeolite Lotion

Nappy Rash

Use zeolite lotion to help soothe and prevent nappy rash. Zeolite has an affinity with ammonia and will help to significantly reduce its effects. Apply the lotion sparingly to clean skin.

Sunburn and Minor Burns

Apply zeolite lotion to affected areas and reapply when necessary.

Skin Rashes

Zeolite lotion helps to calm some skin rashes, even psoriasis. Every winter my skin would become dry and itchy with small patches of eczema. After having a shower it would be worse, so I started using zeolite lotion as a moisturiser years ago and found that the problem rarely bothers me any more.

If you have persistent skin rashes, drinking zeolite water may help but it all depends on the cause of the rash. One woman, Pauline, who suffered dreadfully from eczema/dermatitis, had very quick relief from drinking zeolite water. 

Zeolite lotion will also help to calm heat rash and allergic skin reactions like the welts from cat scratches.


Use zeolite lotion instead of the cream given to you by the tattoo artist or add some zeolite powder to the cream given to you at the time. Tattoo inks contain heavy metals and the zeolite will help to draw the heavy metals out before they can do you damage.

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