Applications for Thin Zeolite Mud

Thin Zeolite Mud

  • 6 level tablespoons zeolite powder
  • 4 teaspoons water plus a few more drops

Put zeolite powder into a small bowl or cup, add water, stir well until smooth. Add another one or two drops of water, stir. If mixture becomes too thin, sprinkle more zeolite on top, let water absorb through the powder then stir. Repeat if necessary. Use your own judgment to get the required consistency.


Use very thin zeolite mud to ease sunburn. If applied soon enough it soothes the burned area, takes away the pain, draws out the heat, takes away the redness and prevents blistering. The relief is wonderful.

Apply the mud very thinly to the affected area. When it has dried, reapply another layer on top of the first treatment. Continue building up layers until the sunburn has eased then rinse off with cool water.

Zeolite lotion will also help to soothe sunburn if applied thinly soon after exposure. Repeat applications as often as necessary. 

Wasp Stings

If you are unfortunate enough to be stung by a swarm of wasps, several applications of thin zeolite mud will help to treat the problem quickly. As the zeolite mud dries you will notice that the individual bites will stay damp longer, as the zeolite takes longer to dry over these areas while it is drawing out the venom.

My husband was attacked by a swarm of vicious, angry wasps. The bites were all over his back so I covered the whole area with a few layers of thin zeolite mud. The drying pattern was so distinctive that I counted 23 bites as the mud dried. He was in agony but within 1 - 2 minutes he had great relief from the pain and within 10 minutes he was completely at ease ... emergencies like this are a good reason to always have zeolite mud on hand. If a second application is needed, dab thick zeolite mud onto each bite rather than covering the area.

Heat Rash

In hot weather apply thin zeolite mud or zeolite powder sparingly to heat rash areas, e.g. under breasts.


Zeolite is an excellent deodorant. When you first start using it you may think it doesn’t work very well because there still may be some odour, but what is happening is that toxic matter is being drawn from your lymph gland. Zeolite also helps to control the growth of bacteria so if you keep using it, you will find that you need it less and less as you will have less body odour.

Apply very thin zeolite mud sparingly to underarms or try zeolite powder instead.

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