Zeolite in the Kitchen: Soaking Fruit & Vegetables

Soaking fruit or vegetables in zeolite water for a few minutes before eating or cooking helps to improve their flavour and can also help to rid them of any heavy metals or harmful chemicals. Garlic and onions are not suitable for soaking.

Add a level to heaped teaspoon of zeolite powder to a large bowl or half a sink of water, soak for a few minutes then drain.

Rayelene, has a different method ….. when she brings her weekly shopping home, she fills a bucket or two with water and adds about a level tablespoon of zeolite powder to each. Rayelene then puts all the fruits and vegetables into the buckets and leaves them to soak for about five minutes. After removing the fruit and vegetables, they must be drained well and completely dry before storing.

There’s a lot more tips about the practical uses of zeolite in the book 'Australian Zeolite Facts & Practical Uses'.

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