Pet Messes

Zeolite has an affinity with ammonium ions, it removes the ammonia smell in urine very efficiently and is used extensively for this reason on the floor of horse stables and animal cages. Zeolite also helps to reduce other malodours caused by your pets, e.g. unpleasant ‘doggy’ smells which can linger in bedding areas.

Cleaning Soft Surfaces

If you are cleaning up a wet urine mess on carpet, sprinkle zeolite powder over the area. If the liquid soaks through the zeolite, sprinkle some more powder on top then allow it to dry completely. Brush or sweep up as much of the powder as you can before vacuuming. Don’t vacuum up large amounts of zeolite powder unless your vacuum has a hepa filter.

Another way of cleaning carpet or soft furnishings is to make up a very strong solution of zeolite water and spray the area thoroughly. Allow to dry completely before brushing off or vacuuming the fine residue. Test on a small area first if you are concerned about water damage to the fabric.

Cleaning Hard Surfaces

To clean up a puddle of urine or a cat’s hairball mess on a hard surface, sprinkle zeolite onto the area, cover with paper towels, wait until the liquid absorbs into the zeolite and paper towels. Then, using gloves, pick up the paper towel and contents, wrap in newspaper and discard in bin. Spray and wipe the area. I have done this many times and it works well.

Kitty Litter

Zeolite powder added to kitty litter boosts moisture absorption, improves clumping and significantly reduces malodour. When making up a new tray, sprinkle about one level tablespoon of zeolite powder over the top of the litter and shake through. Add more zeolite powder after removing clumps. Zeolite will also extend the life of the kitty litter


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