Boost the Strength & Duration of Essential Oils with Zeolite

An amazing time and money saving use we have found for zeolite powder is putting it in the bowl of our ceramic electric oil diffuser to boost the strength and duration of essential oils. This boost is caused by the additional surface area of the zeolite powder. Another benefit is that the oil burner is a lot easier to clean because there is no sticky oil residue left in the bowl. Zeolite powder can also be used instead of water in a candle type oil burner.

Recycling at its best … when the zeolite powder is replaced it can be used as a potpourri.

Filling the Bowl ‚

  • Fill the bowl of the oil burner with zeolite powder to just below the top edge.
  • Make 4 or 5 slight depressions in the powder. Put a drop of essential oil into each of the depressions or use more oil if it is a large room and you’re using a mildly fragrant oil. ‚
  • When the fragrance fades, add another couple of drops of the same oil or a complementary oil if you want to create a blend. Change the zeolite powder and essential oil when you want to change the fragrance.

Cleaning the Bowl ‚

Empty the bowl, wipe it with a damp paper towel and the essential oil burner is ready to use again.

Recycling the Fragrant Zeolite ‚

  • To use the fragrant zeolite as a potpourri, put it into a small paper envelope. Gently press the envelope to crush the hardened lumps of zeolite and oil to get the fragrance into the paper. Place the envelopes in your clothes drawers, wardrobes, cupboards or in shoes. The fragrance lasts about three months. ‚
  • When the fragrance has faded, add the zeolite to kitty litter to absorb odour, pour it down a smelly drain or put it into a bowl and place it in a mouldy or musty area of your home.

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