Detoxifying Zeolite Body Mask

Detoxifying Zeolite Body Mask

Your skin is a major organ of elimination which zeolite mud masks help to keep in excellent condition. Zeolite deeply cleanses dirt, excess oil, bacteria and other toxic matter from deep within the pores of your skin.

How to Make Zeolite Mud


Put the zeolite powder into a 500 ml measuring jug. Add water gradually and stir well until smooth. If it’s too dry, add a little more water. If it’s too wet, sprinkle more zeolite powder on top.

Applying the Mud ‚

  • Apply a generous coating of zeolite mud to your entire body using your hands or a very soft pure bristle brush. Don’t apply the mud to the soles of your feet in case of slipping, have a foot mask later if you want to treat your soles.

While the Mud is Drying ‚

  • If the weather is cold, stay in a warm area. ‚
  • Spread your arms and legs every now and then so the mud can dry under your armpits and groin. ‚
  • Take note of which areas take the longest time to dry and put thicker mud there next time as slow drying shows an area of low energy. This does not include armpits and groin which dry slowly because of less air circulation in those areas while the mask is drying.  ‚
  • Remove the mask if your skin starts itching and the itch becomes annoying. Have another mask in a week or two and you may be able to leave it on longer. Itching could indicate dry skin or heavy detoxing. ‚
  • Leave the mask on until most of the mud dries.

Removing the Mud ‚

  • Rinse the dried mud off your body under a shower and rest for half an hour afterwards. ‚
  • Before you rest have a glass of zeolite water to help flush the toxins from your body, followed by another glass of fresh water.

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