Detoxifying Foot Mask

Detoxifying Foot Mask with Zeolite

This is a good way to soothe tired, aching feet and is especially useful when your feet are swollen and puffy. Put your feet up and feel the soreness and puffiness leave them as the mud dries. ‚

  • Prepare for the mask by having a large bowl or bucket of water and a towel ready to rinse and dry your feet after the mask. ‚
  • Make a cup or more of fairly thick zeolite mud (see below for instructions on how to make zeolite mud). ‚
  • Apply mud to one foot, covering it entirely all over the top and bottom then between the toes and up to the top of the ankle bone. Massage the mud into your whole foot, concentrating on any sore spots or rough skin. Dab extra mud onto the sore areas. ‚
  • Repeat the method with the other foot. ‚
  • Sit back and put your feet up, supporting them so that your heels are not in contact with the surface. ‚
  • Leave the mud on your feet until it dries completely then rinse your feet in a bowl or bucket of water.

How to Make Thick Zeolite Mud

Put zeolite powder into a small bowl or cup, add water, stir well until smooth. Keep in a tightly sealed jar or use immediately. This mud is excellent to take on camping or fishing trips, especially in the tropics.

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