Zeolite + Fulvic & Humic Acid - Real People, Real Results

Please note that the testimonial published below is anecdotal and not scientifically proven. 

"I am reaching out to provide an update on the tremendous impact of your exceptional product. My child's developmental regression began at 20 months of age. By the time they turned 2, they:

  • Lost 90% of eye contact.
  • Stopped responding to their name.
  • Struggled with receptive language i.e could not understand what we were saying, follow commands or respond with yes or no.
  • Stopped being affectionate, happy or playing with the dog.
  • Would constantly repeat phrases out of context.
  • Major meltdowns.
  • Became a picky eater, melting down over soft foods.

I knew I needed to act early as this is where you see the quickest improvement.

While awaiting our medical and therapy assessments we were booked in for, I delved into extensive research regarding heavy metals in children and in pregnancy.

This led me to try an expensive Zeolite spray product I found on TikTok sold in America.

We supplemented this with a non-inflammatory diet, prebiotics, and omega supplements for brain healing.

My child started saying some new words but still out of context, and all the other issues persisted with no change.

Then, I came across your Zeolite with humic/fulvic, and the transformation was astounding. Within a week, we noticed incredible changes

  • Language skills improved remarkably.
  • Always responding to their name and making eye contact.
  • No food aversions. Appetite has returned for soft and crunchy foods.
  • Plays with the dogs.
  • Comes up and hugs me unprompted (best part).
  • Mimick's everything we say and follows commands. Answers Yes and No to questions. No more phrases out of context either.
  • Meltdowns are significantly reduced too.

It's been over a month, and all these improvements have continued to improve. We have changed over to the active zeolite powder: still just as effective.

In addition to your products, I read your book and took significant steps to eliminate chemicals from our household products, including anything that touches my child's skin and ensure all vegetables/fruits are washed in Zeolite.

By the time we attended the medical assessment appointments, the difference between the initial challenges I had written in the parent questionnaire to the current challenges was substantial.

I cannot express enough gratitude for your product. It has helped my child and gotten me out of the dark trenches, from a hurting parent to a hopeful one.

Hopeful Parent"

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