Over the years I’ve been asked many questions about zeolite and its applications. Zeolite has changed my life for the better and there’s not a day goes past that I don’t use it for some reason. It’s not just my life and my family’s lives that have been improved because of zeolite powder, but thousands of people throughout Australia and the world who are now using it regularly and finding a vast improvement in their overall health and skin condition.

Each fortnight, we will be sharing tips on this page about the many practical uses of zeolite.

If you have any specific questions.

Zeolite Mouthwash2019-03-07T13:32:03+11:00

Using zeolite water as a mouthwash and gargle is a very natural way to keep your mouth and breath fresh. It is very helpful for soothing irritated or inflamed gums, getting rid of bad breath and soothing mild toothaches. Zeolite has a slightly alkaline pH level and is bacteriostatic so limits the growth and proliferation of microbes.

Another reason to keep your gums healthy is the relationship between gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease. In January 2019 Science Advances released a research article on this topic.

To make a zeolite mouthwash, simply mix 1 teaspoon of zeolite with one glass of water

Acid Forming Foods

To avoid irritated gums, rinse your mouth thoroughly after indulging in acid forming foods.

Amalgam Fillings

Rinsing your mouth throughout the day with zeolite mouthwash, especially after brushing your teeth, is very important if you have amalgam fillings, as brushing may release mercury into your mouth. So does chewing and consuming hot drinks, so rinse your mouth with zeolite water afterwards.

Bad Breath

Rinse your mouth and gargle with zeolite water whenever necessary, especially before going to bed and in the morning or after eating strong smelling foods like garlic and salmon. Smoker’s breath is also improved by using zeolite mouthwash after every cigarette.

Brushing Your Teeth

After cleaning your teeth, swirl zeolite water around your mouth then spit it out. Repeat and then have another mouthful to use as a gargle and one more to swallow to take up any mercury which may have been swallowed. Doing this will help to trap and remove any chemicals contained in your toothpaste and will leave your mouth very clean and fresh. You will also find that your breath is fresher in the morning.

Gum Problems

Zeolite’s bacteriostatic, fungistatic and virostatic actions will help to keep your mouth fresh, I know it works well for me and my husband.

We always have a glass of zeolite water on hand so we can rinse our mouths with it frequently, especially after eating acid forming foods or having a cup of tea as we each still have a couple of amalgam fillings.

I used to have gum disease years ago but after rinsing my mouth with zeolite water regularly for so long, the disease has cleared up and my gums are now healthy. A tooth which was beginning to move became firm again after packing it with thick zeolite mud regularly for a few weeks. Five years later it is still solid. Zeolite has greatly improved my dental and oral health.

Hangover Cure

Rinse your mouth with the mouthwash and gargle several times to get rid of the nasty taste in your mouth, then stir the sediment back into the water and drink it. Repeat in an hour or two, drink plenty of water in between. To help prevent a hangover, drink a glass of zeolite water before consuming alcohol. People who have tried this have said they felt better than they normally would the next day.

Mouth Ulcers

Rinse your mouth frequently and hold the zeolite water in your mouth over the ulcer for as long as possible. Also apply a thick dob of zeolite mud directly to the ulcer. The mud will gradually dissolve, giving you an extra dose of zeolite as well as helping to relieve the ulcer.

Pulling Technique

Rather than using coconut oil in the oil pulling technique, use zeolite water instead as it has no taste, it is detoxifying and is more pleasant to use than oil. If you haven’t heard about oil pulling, there is plenty of information online.


Rinse your mouth and lips thoroughly after every cigarette, also gargle. This will help to trap and hold the harmful chemicals and heavy metals contained in cigarettes. Rinsing your mouth will also help to reduce the odour of smoker’s breath. Drinking some zeolite water after every cigarette would also be very beneficial.

Sore Throat

Gargle with zeolite water at the first sign of a sore throat. Repeat when necessary until soreness is relieved. If you gargle with zeolite water at the first sign of a sore throat, the chances are that it will not develop any further. You could also drink a glass of zeolite water. I haven’t heard of this method failing yet.


Zeolite and Clay Cleanser/Mask2019-02-18T14:19:25+11:00

The addition of clay makes this an ideal cleanser/mask for all skin types.

Zeolite powder and clay mix beautifully together to make a lovely, creamy mud.

This cleanser/mask is not as drying as our Detoxifying Zeolite Cleanser/Mask because the white clay lowers the pH level of the mineral blend.


1 level teaspoon zeolite powder

1 level teaspoon white clay 1

¾ teaspoons water


Blend the zeolite powder and clay together in a small bowl or cup, add water, stir well until smooth. Apply in the same way as the Detoxifying Zeolite Cleanser/Mask.

Coconut Alternative: Coconut is fatty and helps to cleanse and moisturise your skin. Substitute the water for coconut milk or coconut cream. If using coconut cream, you may need to add a few drops of water to bring the mixture to the right consistency.

Diarrhoea and Gastrointestinal Diseases2019-02-06T12:32:04+11:00

Zeolite is used to prevent and treat diarrhoea and gastrointestinal diseases in many parts of the world, especially Cuba, Eastern Europe, Russia and the United Kingdom.

Australian zeolite powder has been used many times very successfully for this purpose.

Only a small dose of zeolite powder is necessary and it works very quickly. One teaspoon or less will stop the symptoms of most cases of diarrhoea and associated cramping in 30 minutes to an hour.

Australian zeolite powder has helped to save the lives of many babies and small children in Kiribati where diarrhoea claims too many young lives. Zeolite powder and capsules are distributed in Kiribati free of charge by the Island Rescue Project which was founded by Carol Armstrong from the Sunshine Coast. Carol has visited the islands twice and has seen the results for herself. I asked Carol to share some of her experiences:

“It has been wonderful to see the difference zeolite powder has made to the people of Kiribati, the I-Kiribati. Their island is situated in the middle of the South Pacific and is badly affected by climate change.

The I-Kiribati live in crowded conditions with little in the way of sanitation or plumbed water. The coral atolls are as flat as a pancake – no hills, rivers or lakes and often periods of drought. There are some rain water tanks but not nearly enough for the population. Clean safe water is in short supply and many have to drink contaminated well water.

These conditions cause gastro problems, diarrhoea, staph infected sores and respiratory disease. When I found out that so many babies and young children were dying from diarrhoea I was determined to help. The unacceptable infant mortality rate is that 1:12 children do not survive early childhood due to water related illness.

I had been working with Australian zeolite powder for many years and knew very well that it stops diarrhoea quickly. I knew this would be a safe, natural solution.

It took several months to organise but about two years ago I travelled to Kiribati with thousands of zeolite capsules to distribute to those in need. We called the capsules ZeoKlin which means ‘zeolite clean’ in the I- Kiribati language and they each contained 520 mg of superfine Australian zeolite power.

During that trip I saw for myself how the zeolite powder saved the lives of babies and toddlers who were suffering from debilitating diarrhoea and associated dehydration.

A team of young volunteers were trained to go out to the various villages to educate about our clean water strategies and diarrhoea remedies. They educated and supplied to a village representative who now has the duty to report back.

Some islanders get ciguatera poisoning from the fish and crabs which live on the coral. We were able to help two men recover, with zeolite treatment. They had been extremely ill. One man was so ill from vomiting and diarrhoea, his skin was shuddering and crawling as he moaned in pain. He was given three ZeoKlin capsules to take every 4 hours. He immediately slept (he had not been sleeping) from 9 pm to midnight when the family woke him for his second dose. He was feeling better, wanted to smoke, ate something and had a bowel movement, then slept til morning. The next morning he was well again and back at work in the babai (taro) pits.

There is a great incidence of skin complaints, sores and wounds that itch and don’t heal. This is possibly due to the prevalent pre-diabetic condition in many people. There is also a genetic predisposition to skin infection with a link between the Strep A virus in these sores (and strep throat) and rheumatic heart failure. Infected mosquito bites, scabies and impetigo are common complaints. We use a zeolite based skin gel to help the skin problems.

There is great interest in our zeolite and water purification tools. They don’t have much at all on the island. They were grateful for our gifts to them. They now have some safe, natural remedies they can use.

Back in Tarawa again, we returned to stories of two adults and five children suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea, all experienced success clearing up with just two doses of our ZeoKlin.

We heard of an 18 month old baby who was suffering badly with vomiting and diarrhoea. He was sent home from the hospital as they could do no more for him other than the IV saline drip at the hospital and then sent him home with some electrolyte re-hydration and the advice to keep up fluids.

His mother heard about our products and gave him 1 capsule of ZeoKlin in his bottle of water followed by another dose four hours later. He then recovered much faster than we expected.

A second toddler was in hospital for the same reasons and they could not find a vein to insert the saline drip. They had to make a cut above her ankle to insert the drip. She was then sent home. Her mother also came to us for help and gave her baby the same dose treatment in her food. She recovered the next day and we monitored her for a while as she did have a slight temperature.

We were happy to see such dramatic results so soon. Normally we would expect to give the ZeoKlin for one to two days.

My working life now centres around the I-Kiribati, whose islands are regularly swamped by seasonal king tides. The sea water floods their drinking wells rendering them unfit to use for 15 years. The outlying islands have very little water, primitive sanitation and little access to medications.

The Island Rescue Project was formed in 2014 to help raise funds and facilitate travel to the islands to distribute water treatments, rain water tanks and natural health remedies – many of which include zeolite in their formulations.”

Three Steps to Clear Pimple Problems2019-01-22T14:28:54+11:00

Zeolite’s bacteriostatic action helps to clear pimples quickly and naturally. Zeolite reduces the water available to the bacteria, thereby inhibiting its microbial growth and proliferation.

Step 1 Drink Zeolite Water Every Day

Many people have found that drinking zeolite water at the same time as applying zeolite to their skin has helped to clear their pimples quickly. If you only use zeolite on your skin you may have to persevere with the treatment a bit longer. Always drink plenty of water when taking zeolite.

Step 2 Zeolite Cleanser/Mask

Use our Beautifying Face Mask as a cleanser every day, applying it to slightly damp skin with a gentle upward and outward massaging motion. Leave for a minute or two then rinse thoroughly. At least once a week use as a mask by leaving it to dry before rinsing.

Step 3 Spot Treatment

This is a good way to clear pimples quickly. I’ve been amazed to see many pimples vanish after just one application.

2 1/4 level teaspoon zeolite powder

1 teaspoon water

Put zeolite powder into a small bowl, add water and stir until it is a smooth mud. If the zeolite mud falls off your skin, the mixture is too dry.

Apply a thick dob of zeolite mud to individual pimples, leave to dry then rinse off. Repeat the spot treatment as often as necessary until the pimple disappears completely.

Keep the mixture covered between applications and if it dries out add another drop or two of water.

How to Ease Sunburn2018-12-12T10:09:12+11:00

Sun Burn

On a summer’s day in Australia, sunburn can occur in as little as 15 minutes. All types of sunburn, whether serious or mild, can cause permanent and irreversible skin damage. This could lay the groundwork for skin cancers to develop. Further sunburn only increases your risk of skin cancer. Over 2,000 Australians die from skin cancer each year1.

How to ease Sunburn

Use very thin zeolite mud to ease sunburn. If applied soon enough it soothes the burned area, takes away the pain, draws out the heat, takes away the redness and prevents blistering. The relief is wonderful.

Apply the mud very thinly to the affected area. When it has dried, reapply another layer on top of the first treatment. Continue building up layers until the sunburn has eased then rinse off with cool water.

Zeolite lotion will also help to soothe sunburn if applied thinly soon after exposure. Repeat applications as often as necessary.

How to make zeolite mud

2 level teaspoon zeolite powder

1 teaspoon water

Put zeolite powder into a small bowl, add water and stir until it is a smooth mud. If the zeolite mud falls off your skin, the mixture is too dry.

How to make zeolite lotion

1/4 to 1/2 level teaspoon zeolite powder

1 rounded tablespoon natural moisturising lotion

Put the zeolite powder into a very small bowl. Add about a quarter of the lotion then blend together until smooth. Add the remaining lotion and mix well. Store in a small airtight jar.

1. Better Health Channel


Mould is a biotoxin which can cause a wide range of illnesses. Australian zeolite helps to control biotoxins and should be taken if you are exposed to mould, especially mould spores. Australian zeolite based environmental control products will remove mould spores from the atmosphere. There is also a mould removing surface spray to treat black mould on hard and soft surfaces and a powder to treat carpet.

The environmental control pads also help to remove mould, bacteria, fungi, viruses, formaldehyde fumes and other toxic vapours, e.g. the chemical vapours found in new cars. The powder is used to remove mould and odours from carpets and body fluid spills from hard surfaces.

We discovered an interesting article recently about the devastating effects of mould on your health. Read it here.

To find out more about our mould removal packs click here

Domestic Pets2018-10-08T11:57:18+11:00

All animals benefit from drinking zeolite water or having zeolite powder added to their wet food. Our rottweiler, Sunny, and our cat, Pip, both lived long, healthy happy lives and both of them had zeolite water always available. We also had no problem with urine stains on the lawn because giving your pets zeolite helps to prevent this problem.

Some people even put zeolite rocks in their pet’s water bowl for this purpose.

Zeolite Added to Drinking Water

Add 1 – 2 teaspoons of zeolite powder to a bowl of water and place it next to your pet’s normal water bowl. When the water level drops, add more water. Replace the zeolite every 3 – 5 days or whenever you clean the bowl. The water will go clear after a day and even though the clear water is still beneficial, stir the bowl occasionally so that more of the zeolite powder itself is available.

Zeolite Added to Food

If you find that your pet isn’t drinking enough zeolite water, stir some zeolite powder into the wet food instead, your pet will not even know it’s there. The quantity used depends on the size of your pet, e.g. 1/4 teaspoon for a cat or small dog up to 1 teaspoon for a large dog.

Caged Animals

Rabbits, guinea pigs and any other small caged mammals can also benefit from zeolite.. You will also find that adding zeolite to their diet will improve their general health and temperament.

The suggested dose to put in wet food is 1/4 teaspoon for small animals and 1/2 teaspoon for medium sized animals. Put a bowl of zeolite water alongside their normal water bowl.

Garden grade zeolite is a very good base for animal cages as it will help to significantly remove the ammonia odour while it is controlling the growth and proliferation of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Do not use zeolite powder with reptiles or amphibians as it will dehydrate their skin

Caged Birds

We discovered how good zeolite is for birds when our neighbour, Joan, told us that some of her canaries had developed the ‘fluffies’ and would most probably die within a few days. We gave Joan some zeolite powder and suggested that she give it to the birds in a bowl of water.

She did and the next day was overjoyed to tell us that the birds were back to normal health.

As zeolite is dehydrating, birds must also have another bowl of clean fresh water to drink. If a bird is too sick to drink, give the zeolite water to it in a dropper. Keep a bowl of zeolite water in the bird cage to help maintain the birds’ health. Give birds about ó teaspoon of zeolite powder weekly in the seed bowl.

Spreading garden grade zeolite at the bottom of the cage or aviary will keep the environment clean by helping to control odour, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Every few days, atomise the zeolite with a light mist at the base of the cage as zeolite works better when it is damp.

Detoxifying Zeolite Cleanser/Mask2018-09-10T16:13:22+11:00

This cleanser is ideal for normal to oily skin and for those with hyperpigmentation or pimple problems. Zeolite helps to clarify your complexion by fading hyperpigmentation and calming troublesome spots. You will notice a more even tone even after your first mask. The bacteriostatic action of zeolite helps to clear up pimples and acne.

Blackheads are also improved when zeolite is used as a mask. As the zeolite mask dries, it draws impurities from deep within the pores and then closes the pores as it finishes drying. You will also notice that both the cleanser and the mask have an exfoliating action which leaves your skin feeling and looking smoother.

2 level teaspoons zeolite powder
1 teaspoon water

Put the zeolite powder into a small bowl or cup, add water, stir well until smooth. Add a few more drops of water if the mixture thickens.

Splash your face with water and dry slightly. Apply evenly to slightly damp skin with a gentle upward and outward motion. Either rinse off straight away or leave until dry if you are using it as a mask.

This mask is not recommended for dry, sensitive or mature skin as it can be drying.

There’s a lot more tips about the practical uses of zeolite in the book ‘Australian Zeolite Facts & Practical Uses‘.

Zeolite Cautions2018-08-31T10:04:59+11:00

There have been many very positive health studies carried out on zeolite’s healing benefits and zeolite powder is now being used in many countries to treat various serious health problems.

Zeolite captures and removes a wide range of heavy metals and other toxins. When you take zeolite powder internally it travels through the gastrointestinal tract collecting heavy metals and other toxins on the way.


If you have serious health problems please consult your health practitioner before starting on a zeolite detox programme, preferably one who is familiar with zeolite.

  • Taking too much zeolite without drinking enough water may cause dehydration and constipation so make sure you are well hydrated before starting a zeolite detox. To help prevent constipation, increase your fibre intake.
  • If you have major kidney problems, be cautious about your water intake and take minimum doses of zeolite water.
  • If you take more than 10 g of zeolite powder per day over a very long period of time it may cause some loss of nutrition.
  • Do not take iodine within 30 minutes of taking zeolite.
  • Do not take zeolite at the same time as oil based supplements, e.g. evening primrose oil or fish oil, as zeolite absorbs oil.
  • Do not take at the same time as probiotics as zeolite is antimicrobial.
  • Do not take zeolite powder while you are taking a medication containing heavy metals, such as lithium, or containing platinum, which is found in some cancer medications. Instead, take zeolite after stopping the medication to help rid your body of the heavy metals.
  • If you are having chemotherapy or radiation therapy, take zeolite before, between and after treatments but not during treatments.
  • It has been suggested that zeolite supplementation may affect tetracycline and other antibiotics, iron, quinolones, theophylline, propanolol, phenobarbitol, Warfarin and immunosuppressants but I cannot find any hard evidence for this claim.
  • While detoxing do not take large amounts of lecithin or other products containing high levels of phosphorous as they may prevent mobilization of heavy metals.
  • If you have lecithin on your cereal as we do, or in smoothies, don’t take zeolite for a few hours afterwards.
  • If you have had surgery, wait a few weeks for your body to readjust before taking zeolite.

Find out more about the practical uses of zeolite in the book ‘Australian Zeolite Facts & Practical Uses‘.

Recommended Doses & Alleviating Zeolite Detoxing Symptoms2018-08-08T07:13:28+11:00
Detoxifying slowly is much better than trying to rush results. Zeolite is dehydrating and can be constipating if you don’t drink enough water and eat enough fibre. Warm, pre-boiled water may be used.

Recommended Dosages

If you are very toxic, start with 1/4 teaspoon of zeolite water once or twice per day and increase the dose gradually.
Normal dosage is 1 – 2 level teaspoons per day depending on your state of health and the reason you are taking it. If you are taking zeolite to maintain good health, one level teaspoon is enough. Your body size should also be considered as a large person can take more than a slightly built person and a child needs even less.
One level teaspoon of Australian zeolite powder equals 2,500 mg and one heaped teaspoon equals approximately 5,000 mg. The maximum recommended daily dosage is 10,000 mg per day, i.e. four level teaspoons per day but this should only be taken by adults in exceptional circumstances for short periods of time.

When To Take Zeolite

Zeolite powder travels through your gastrointestinal tract at the same rate as your digestion so if you want to keep zeolite in your system throughout the day, space the doses out accordingly, e.g. if you are taking 5,000 mg per day have 1/2 teaspoon after breakfast, 1/2 teaspoon after lunch, 1/2 teaspoon in the late afternoon and 1/2 teaspoon after dinner or you can divide it into three doses.

Even though some people say that zeolite is best taken with food, it can be taken any time at all except late at night because you will be thirsty during the night. Smaller doses taken during the day is the most effective way of taking zeolite.
If you are having surgery, if possible take zeolite for six weeks before surgery but have a break after surgery while your body readjusts. Continue taking zeolite after the break.
For a general detox, take zeolite every day for at least six weeks. Zeolite can be taken over a much longer period but you can have a break from the regime occasionally. If you live in a polluted area it is advisable to take zeolite daily to reduce the chance of heavy metal toxicity.

Alleviate Detoxing Symptoms

Some people may suffer from detoxing symptoms when they first start taking zeolite. To alleviate these symptoms, take no more than 1/3 teaspoon daily and, most importantly, don’t take it in the morning. Wait until later in the day when there is food in your stomach and lower gastrointestinal tract.

There’s a lot more tips about the practical uses of zeolite in the book ‘Australian Zeolite Facts & Practical Uses‘.

Pets: Cleaning Up Messes2018-07-04T11:48:08+11:00

Zeolite has an affinity with ammonium ions, it removes the ammonia smell in urine very efficiently and is used extensively for this reason on the floor of horse stables and animal cages. Zeolite also helps to reduce other malodours caused by your pets, e.g. unpleasant ‘doggy’ smells which can linger in bedding areas.

Cleaning Soft Surfaces

If you are cleaning up a wet urine mess on carpet, sprinkle zeolite powder over the area. If the liquid soaks through the zeolite, sprinkle some more powder on top then allow it to dry completely. Brush or sweep up as much of the powder as you can before vacuuming. Don’t vacuum up large amounts of zeolite powder unless your vacuum has a hepa filter.

Another way of cleaning carpet or soft furnishings is to make up a very strong solution of zeolite water and spray the area thoroughly. Allow to dry completely before brushing off or vacuuming the fine residue. Test on a small area first if you are concerned about water damage to the fabric.

Environment Control Powder is also extremely efficient at removing urine and its odour from carpet. When our cat, Pip, became incontinent for a few weeks before he died I had plenty of practise. Put the powder on top of the wet patch, put some gloves on, place a few sheets of paper towel on top and press down as hard as you can. You will see that the powder is now wet, so remove as much as possible and put it onto some sheets of newspaper before repeating the process. Using the sticky beak nozzle, vacuum the area thoroughly. You will be amazed at how much liquid is absorbed by the powder. Discard in the garbage bin.

Cleaning Hard Surfaces

To clean up a puddle of urine or a cat’s hairball mess on a hard surface, sprinkle zeolite onto the area, cover with paper towels, wait until the liquid absorbs into the zeolite and paper towels. Then, using gloves, pick up the paper towel and contents, wrap in newspaper and discard in bin. Spray and wipe the area. I have done this many times and it works well. Environment Control Powder can also be used in a similar way.

Kitty Litter

Zeolite powder added to kitty litter boosts moisture absorption, improves clumping and significantly reduces malodour. When making up a new tray, sprinkle about one level tablespoon of zeolite powder over the top of the litter and shake through. Add more zeolite powder after removing clumps. Zeolite will also extend the life of the kitty litter.

There’s a lot more tips about the practical uses of zeolite in the book ‘Australian Zeolite Facts & Practical Uses‘.


Zeolite: a natural mineral deodorantZeolite is a great deodorant for everybody, especially chemically sensitive people.

Zeolite powder is bacteriostatic so it helps to prevent the growth and proliferation of the bacteria which cause malodour. Bacteria live in moisture, zeolite controls moisture by absorbing water. Both of these actions make zeolite an excellent deodorant.

Sprinkle zeolite powder onto your hands and then apply sparingly under your arms or use very thin zeolite mud, both methods work well. Zeolite powder blended with cornflour can also be used as a deodorant. Try one part zeolite powder to three parts cornflour or a 50/50 mix.

You may find zeolite powder does not prevent malodour when first using it because of all the toxins being drawn out in the initial applications. If this is the case, rinse the powder off, dry the area thoroughly and reapply more powder. If your lymph gland needs detoxifying, it is a good idea to apply thick zeolite mud to your armpits and leave for about 10 minutes before removing it.

I found that when I started drinking zeolite water regularly I needed a deodorant less and less and now rarely need one. If I do, I use zeolite powder. My husband is the same and no longer needs a deodorant at all.

There’s a lot more tips about the practical uses of zeolite in the book ‘Australian Zeolite Facts & Practical Uses‘.