There seems to be a lot of confusion about the heavy metals taken up by zeolite as it was being formed and whether these heavy metals need to be “cleaned out” of the zeolite in case they are absorbed by the body when the powder is ingested.

There is no reason to be concerned. Any heavy metals which may be inside the zeolite are permanently bonded onto the walls of its internal channels. They are there forever unless the zeolite is put into a strong acid bath to remove them. The same is true of lead crystal glass in central Europe.

It is true that zeolite has absorbed the heavy metals in its surroundings as it was forming. For example, Australian zeolite contains 0.22% strontium 38 which is a stable heavy metal isotope, unlike the dangerous strontium 90 isotope found in radioactive waste. Australian zeolite also contains aluminium, the trace elements barium, chromium, cobalt, copper, selenium and zinc and other heavy metals in minute amounts. Without aluminium, zeolite would not have the capacity for cation exchange.

Zeolite is not a dietary mineral supplement All heavy metals and trace elements are permanently bonded within the zeolite molecule and are not available unless dissolved in acid strong enough to also dissolve the zeolite molecule itself. Stomach acid will not dissolve the zeolite structure and release the heavy metals.

An acid bath of the strength needed to remove heavy metals would also dissolve the three dimensional structure of the zeolite. What is then left would be a puddle of elements which used to be zeolite and this puddle would also contain any heavy metals which may have been present.

Believe it or not, that is how some liquid zeolites are made but after having an acid bath they are no longer zeolites.

Australian zeolite powder, whether it is marketed as micronised or superfine, is safe to take. In Europe there is a nanosized particle on the market with a particle size so small that it can pass through a cell wall. This leads to the question … what happens then? I haven’t found any peer reviewed studies on what reaction the nano zeolite has on the functioning of the particular cell it enters and it may be that its heavy metal content is released.

Taken from Living with Australian Zeolite by Brenda White

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