Zeolite and MSM

I started taking zeolite and MSM about 2 months ago and have noticed quite a few improvements in my overall health.

Halitosis. As I had already done a lot of work on my gut and diet I asked a naturopath what else could be the cause. She suggested I clear up the heavy metals in my body and it may disappear. It did and I attribute it to taking zeolite!

Liver. With my first liver flush, the sludge stank but the second time, I drank zeolite water during the flush and the sludge had zero smell.

Weight. My 11 year old son started to put on weight about 8 months ago with absolutely no change to his diet. He looked pale and pudgy all over, poor kid. A month or so after starting him on MSM ½ tsp and zeolite ½ tsp per day, again with no diet change, he started to go back to normal and has now improved dramatically and I’m so so glad. I have to pay him 50 cents to drink it but whatever works, right? I’m not sure if it’s the MSM and zeolite but everything I’ve read (thanks to your book) suggests it could be and that we all need to be detoxing and cleaning our bodies daily. I think it’s helpíng him with his learning difficulties/concentration, too. Both my son and I, who are usually very hungry have been eating a bit less, just like the horses in your book!

Dehydration. I’ve been suffering from dehydration for a long time, despite drinking huge amounts of water. I feel like the MSM helps the water soak into my body somehow, like it makes the water wetter?? I use my intuition (and taste buds) on how much to take thanks to Rayelene (and others) stating that it’s safe to take plenty and harmless to take too much. So I actually have it in pretty much every glass of water I drink. MSM helps, that’s for sure.

Skin. My skin is really nice and I feel like I’m not getting burnt as easily this year (I love the sun). Also, the persistent cuts in-between my little toes, despite keeping them clean, dry and well tea tree oiled have gone too, thanks to your zeolite and the MSM.

Animals. I used zeolite on my chicken’s combs to treat black spot, I think it worked. Oh and I’ve been putting it in the doggies water bowl and they love it.

General wellbeing. I can concentrate!!! Think clearly, remember things, sleep less…. I have more energy and stamina. My life’s not perfect but I’m so grateful for the improvement as I have been unwell for so long. I really feel like the MSM and zeolite have made a huge difference to my health. I’m still not where I’d like to be but when you’re sick any differences count. I wouldn’t want to live without zeolite and MSM now!!

I had another quick look at your book before I gave it to my Aunt the other day and I must comment again on how fantastic it is. It’s packed full of information but set out simply, interestingly and down to earth, pun intended lol :). I love the pictures and photos. I’ll read anything however it looks but for those family and community members who are not so dedicated, your book is a winner! I’ve since bought two more copies, one for my dentist and another for an old family friend who looks terrible! He’s worked with pest control his whole career. I have so many more people I want to buy copies for too! Thanks so much again for such a fantastic book and everything you have done.

J. Simpson, Perth. February 2019

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