Special Offer Odour Neutralising Surface Cleaner & 2 x Environmental Control Pads

Special Offer Odour Neutralising Surface Cleaner & 2 x Environmental Control Pads

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If you suffer from chemical sensitivities this product may not be suitable for you as it contains essential oils and has an initial strong fragrance which dissipates over a few hours, although very sensitive people will continue to notice the fragrance for much longer.

Environment Control Pads

Each Environment Control Pad is a sheet divided into four squares with an adhesive strip on the back. A full sheet is used in an average sized room or the sheet may be cut in half or into four separate squares for use in smaller areas such as shoes, furniture, kitchen tidy cupboards, wardrobes, rubbish bins.

  • Removes musty odours and mould in houses, boats and caravans;  malodours in kitchen tidy bins and rubbish bins.
  • Controls fungi, staph, pneumonia and other microbes in hospitals, nursing homes, sick rooms, waiting rooms, doctors’ surgeries, cruise ships, motels, resorts and any indoor area where people gather.
  • Significantly reduces formaldehyde fumes and other chemical vapours from new cars, new houses and apartments, furniture, shoes and retail premises selling shoes, plastic goods and other imported products.
Two packets of 4 pads

Odour Neutralising Surface Cleaner

Anti Bacterial. Controls Mould and Malodour. Stainless Steel cleaner. Glass Cleaner.

  • Clean using a quality product
  • Non toxic chemicals and safe to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Treats unpleasant odours including food, cooking, wine, faeces, garbage, smoke, fires, decomposition of animal and vegetable matter, water damage, animal areas and most other problem odours

One 500ml bottle

This product does not contain zeolite. 


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