2 x Activated Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) + Fulvic/Humic Acid Capsules


2 jars 200 x 520 mg veg capsules

Contains 100% pure and powerful activated Australian superfine zeolite powder with added fulvic acid and humic acid. Vegetable capsules, no fillers.
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Activated zeolite powder capsules with added fulvic acid and humic acid.

Humic substances (fulvic acid and humic acid) have many health benefits as they help to:

  • restore electrical conductivity in the body
  • aid cellular respiration
  • increase energy
  • inhibit the growth of many viruses including HIV, herpes and influenza
  • detoxify pollutants
  • enhance and transport nutrients

Fulvic acid and humic acid differ in molecular size, with fulvic acid having the smaller molecular size. Fulvic acid has become very popular throughout the world as a health supplement but humic acid has been shown to be equally or, in some cases, more effective because of its larger molecular size, e.g. it is humic acid which aids detoxification by bonding with inorganic cations, inorganic anions and organic compounds.

Fulvic acid is water soluble, humic acid is not water soluble so the combination of both fulvic and humic acids in powder form is more effective than liquid fulvic acid extract and the powder is also more cost effective.

Some humic substances are taken from peat which can be detrimental to the environment. The fulvic/humic acid we supply comes from the finest quality leonardite deposits in Hungary. These leonardite deposits are free of any contaminants and pollutants and can be considered as an almost “sterile” raw material for humic acid extraction.

The combination of Australian activated zeolite and fulvic/humic complex is a dynamic detoxifying mineral blend.

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