Zeo-Go Toilet Purefier

Zeolite For Caravans & Boats

100% Natural Toilet Purefier

Zeo-Go Removes Malodours From Caravan and Boat Toilets and Makes Disposal More Hygienic and Pleasant

Caravanning and boating is all about relaxing and breathing in clean, fresh air, but when your toilet has odour issues, it can make for a less than pleasant experience.
Zeo-Go is Australian zeolite, an active mineral which attracts and binds toxic matter including E.coli and ammonium ions which cause the nasty smells in toilets.
Once the toxic matter is bound to zeolite it cannot be released so your toilet stays odour free naturally. This makes Zeo-Go very environmentally friendly.
Even better … when the contents of your toilet are disposed of at a dump point the zeolite will continue cleaning there as well!
For a 20 Lt tank: Cover bottom of tank with water then add 3 scoops of Zeo-Go. Add more or less powder according to your tank’s capacity and its frequency of use.


  • Kitty litter deodoriser: Sprinkle a scoop of Zeo-Go onto kitty litter then stir through with the litter shovel. Works best with natural types of kitty litter.
  • Control algae: Scatter Zeo-Go over the surface of small ponds to help control the growth of algae. As Zeo-Go is non toxic it is safe to use with fish and plants.
  • Pot plants and hanging baskets: Add Zeo-Go to potting mixes to extend water-holding capacity, store nutrients and increase soil fertility. Mix one part Zeo Go to three or four parts potting mix.