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How and When to Take Zeolite and Zeolite + Fulvic/Humic Products

Both the Australian zeolite powder and the Hungarian fulvic/humic complex used in our products are the finest quality available and very powerful in their own right but when blended together they form a synergistic energy [...]

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Plants safely store toxic mercury. Bushfires and climate change bring it back into our environment

Climate change and bushfire may exacerbate recent mercury pollution and increase exposure to the poisonous neurotoxin, according to a study published in the Journal of Paleolimnology. Read the full article

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Chickens, Vegetable Gardens and Heavy Metal Contamination

If your chickens roam the backyard and your soil is contaminated with lead and other heavy metals, there’s a good chance both the chickens and their eggs will have high heavy metal levels. Any fruit [...]

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Smoke Deconstructed

Bushfire smoke is obviously dangerous to everyone's health but it's surprising how many heavy metals it contains. Even more so if the bushfire is close to the city. This PhD Study by John Edwards, Edith [...]

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Zeolite Clinoptilolite: Therapeutic Virtues of an Ancient Mineral

Even though there are several synthetic or natural occurring species of zeolites, the most widespread and studied is the naturally occurring zeolite clinoptilolite (ZC). ZC is an excellent detoxifying, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

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