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Made with Australian Organic Certified Zeolite

Each odour eliminator pad is a sheet divided into four squares with an adhesive strip on the back. A full sheet is used in an average sized room or the sheet can be cut in half or into four separate squares for use in smaller areas such as in shoes, furniture, kitchen tidy cupboards, wardrobes and rubbish bins. There are four pads per packet.

Scientifically tested and proven to:

  • remove musty odours and mould in houses, boats and caravans
  • remove malodours in kitchen tidy bins and rubbish bins
  • control fungi, staph, pneumonia and other microbes in hospitals, nursing homes, sick rooms, waiting rooms, doctors’ surgeries, cruise ships, motels, resorts and any indoor area where people gather
  • significantly reduce formaldehyde fumes and other chemical vapours from new cars, new houses and apartments, retail premises, new furniture and new shoes


Australian zeolite sand blended with polymers and essential oils. Effectively kills mould and microbes in carpets. As this product is very absorbent, it is Ideal for the hygienic clean up of bodily fluid spills and animal messes.

I would have had to replace a carpet if I hadn’t used this product to clean up my aged cat’s messes when he was incontinent.

How the Odour Eliminator Pads Work

Step 1 – Attracting Moisture

  • Zeolite granules in the pad attract and hold moisture and chemical vapours.
  • Malodour, microbes, mould spores and chemical vapours attach themselves to moisture in the air.
  • When moisture is drawn into the pad, it carries the malodour, microbes and chemical vapours with it.
  • Zeolite granules in the pad hold onto the moisture, malodour, microbes and chemical vapours.
  • Essential oils in the pad’s neutralising complex kill the microbes.
  • the malodour and chemical vapours and are retained in the pad.

Step 2 – Expelling Moisture

  • When a certain moisture level has been reached in the pad, a micro mist is expelled into the air carrying the neutralising complex with it.
  • The micro mist is heavier than air so gravity drags it down to settle on surfaces in the area.
  • The antibacterial and antifungal properties of the neutralising complex kill surface borne bacteria such as staph and fungi such as black mould.
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Mould Spores and Black Mould

To remove mould spores in the atmosphere, place a pad on the ceiling or as high as possible on a wall. At the start you may have to use two pads in an average size room or two to three in a large room, e.g. lounge room. Clean black mould from all contaminated surfaces with the spray. Eliminate mould and odour from carpets with the powder. These procedures may have to be repeated if the problem is severe. Pads will last from two to six weeks depending on the problem.

Bacteria and Viruses

Place a pad on the ceiling or as high as possible on a wall. Use one pad in an average sized room or two to three in a large room, e.g. waiting rooms. Change pads every two weeks or as required.

When the first symptoms of colds or flu appear, put a pad on the bedroom ceiling or wall to help prevent the spread and proliferation of bacteria and viruses. Wipe door handles, light switches, tap handles and other contaminated surfaces with the spray to prevent the spreading of microbes.

Formaldehyde and Other Chemical Fumes

Place a pad on the ceiling or as high as possible on a wall. Use one pad in an average size room or two to three in a large room, e.g. retail premises. Place one pad in a new car either on the ceiling or as high as possible.

Detailed directions are included with every order.

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Mould and Your Health

Mould can be a serious health problem, especially if you are exposed to it every day.

A wide range of health complaints have been attributed to mould, including asthma and other respiratory Illnesses, sleep disorders, skin problems, digestive tract illnesses, liver diseases, vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal bleeding, reproductive problems, chronic fatigue, lupus, Epstein-Barr virus, fybromyalgia and more.

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