How and When to Take Zeolite and Zeolite + Fulvic/Humic Products

Both the Australian zeolite powder and the Hungarian fulvic/humic complex used in our products are the finest quality available and very powerful in their own right but when blended together they form a synergistic energy of rock and plant based minerals which is even more powerful. This dynamic action can take some people by surprise when they experience uncomfortable over-detoxing symptoms such as headaches, nausea and stomach pains if they overdo it instead of taking it slowly. Before you start taking our products, please remember

When to Consult a Health Practitioner

  • If you suffer from grand mal seizures or any other type of seizure. ‚
  • If you have any other serious health problems. ‚
  • Before taking quinolones, theophylline, propanolol, phenobarbitol, warfarin and immunosuppressants. If you are in doubt, do not take zeolite. ‚
  • Before giving zeolite to babies, toddlers and children as they may quickly become dehydrated. ‚
  • If you don’t have a health practitioner in your area who is experienced with zeolite treatments, our Stockists list has the details of health practitioners who have consultations by Skype and phone.

When Not to Take Zeolite

  • Do not take zeolite within 30 minutes of taking any oil based supplements, antibiotics, probiotics, iodine, iron or products with high levels of phosphorous such as lecithin. ‚
  • Do not take zeolite while taking a medication containing heavy metals. Instead, take zeolite after stopping the medication to help clear your body of the heavy metals. ‚
  • If you are having chemotherapy or radiation treatments, take zeolite before and after treatments but not during treatments. ‚
  • After surgery wait a few weeks for your body to readjust before taking zeolite.

How to Mix Powder Products

  • When mixing zeolite powder or zeolite + fulvic/humic powder into water avoid inhaling the fine dust, not because it is toxic but because inhaling any dust should be avoided. ‚
  • To avoid dust put the water into the glass first then plunge the spoon of powder into the glass quickly, resting the spoon on the bottom then stir. ‚
  • You can drink the water as soon as it has been made or let it sit for about 5 minutes after stirring so the sediment drops to the bottom of the glass. Drink the liquid and leave the sediment. Collect and accumulate the sediment to use for first aid.

General Daily Dosage

  • Adults
    • 1 level teaspoon powder or 4 capsules
  • Teenagers
    • ½ level teaspoon powder or 2 capsules
  • Babies, toddlers and children - consult a health practitioner

Dosage Caution

  • If you are sensitive, very toxic or suffer from constipation, take ¼ level teaspoon powder (or one capsule) daily. Add the powder or the contents of one capsule into a glass of water (about 200 ml). Stir and let it sit for about 5 minutes then drink a mouthful or two. Do this about half an hour after eating, preferably in the morning. ‚
  • If you feel any side effects like stomach discomfort, headache, aches and pains, don’t take any more. Instead, please consult one of the health practitioners on our Stockists page before starting again. ‚
  • If you don’t have any side effects, about half an hour after your next meal or snack, stir the glass of zeolite water, let it sit for a few minutes then have another mouthful or two. The reason for the timing is to make sure you don’t have an empty stomach, as that would speed the detox when you should be aiming for a very slow detox. ‚
  • Continue like this during the day finishing by early evening. If you have zeolite later than that, it may disturb your sleep. ‚
  • If you don’t have any side effects, increase the dose very slowly. ‚
  • If you suffer from constipation and it’s worse the day after drinking the zeolite, you may have to take a natural laxative while taking zeolite.

Fluid Intake and Loss of Nutrients

  • Increase your fluid intake as zeolite is dehydrating and may cause constipation. ‚
  • If you have kidney problems be cautious about drinking too much water as it may overload your kidneys. ‚
  • Normal intake will not cause loss of nutrients. Taking 10 g or more zeolite per day over an extended period may cause some loss of nutrition so should be avoided.

When to Have a Break

  • Zeolite and zeolite + fulvic/humic acid products can be taken over a long term but take breaks regularly. Take a break from zeolite every 2 to 3 months for a week or two and have more frequent, longer breaks from fulvic/humic acid products. If you want to avoid having a break, reduce your normal dosage.


  • Hi Barbara, Some health practitioners have told me they recommend zeolite to help with any side effects from vaccinations but others have told me they recommend zeolite + fulvic/humic acid.

    Zeo Natural
  • Hi There I have been taking your zeolite and other zeolite for years to detox , do you think it can detox the VTox if you know what I mean?
    Thanks ( fingers crossed)

    Barbara Pratt
  • Hi lovely people. I started taking the zeolites with fulvic/humid acid approx 6 months ago now. I just have to tell you what a difference they have made in my life. My BRAIN FOG has gone, like completely gone. As a bookkeeper I can tell you that’s a really good thing and my business partner agrees..haha. Ive also noticed that for many years especially in winter I would wake up sniffly and sneezy. Many many tissues and copious red noses later, my eyes were swollen and it depleted my energy. WELL since this product I rarely even sneeze. Rarely have a cold. While everyone around me has been catching the dreaded CV I have been well. No colds or flu which I’ve been prone to since childhood. AND another huge bonus. The food allergies that mainly affected my gut are basically non existent. This product is like a miracle worker for me and I’m truly grateful. The customer service is old fashioned service where you can actually talk to a real person who treats you like the most special customer ever. I highly recommend this product and this company. 10 out of 10 score from me.

  • Hi Jeffrey, In general, zeolite does not interfere with natural products. If you have no major health issues there should be no reason why you can’t have a zeolite detox without seeing a practitioner first, depending on which zeolite you are taking – which I hope is ours as I can’t see your name on our customer list. If you are concerned about your health, please contact a health practitioner before going on a zeolite detox. Practitioners who have experience using our zeolite can be found on the stockists page.

    Zeo Natural
  • Hi , I have had stage 4 kidney cancer and have been treated with immunotherapy over the passed 5 years. (left Nephrectomy). I do also use natural products like quality tumeric blends , bicarbsoda and lemon, magnesium age garlic , milk thistle and clove tea. I have been successful and grateful that their is no visible cancer in my body. I have just started using Zeolite. Will this be ok to continue to take Zeolite?
    Kind regards Jeff

    Jeffrey Bennett

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