//Best Liquid Zeolite

Best Liquid Zeolite

The best liquid zeolite is the zeo-lite water you make yourself and it’s also the best price!

A 50 ml bottle of so called liquid zeolite = 580 mg zeo-lite and will cost anywhere from $20.00 – $85.00

One level teaspoon of Australian zeo-lite powder = 2500 mg and costs 20c.

This is the equivalent dosage of about 5 full bottles of liquid zeolite for 20c.

Use the powder and you will save from $100.00 to $425.00 and get much more benefit!!!


The product referred to as liquid zeolite can be made in two ways. It is either a suspension of very fine particles of zeo-lite in water (which is the most acceptable method) or the zeo-lite can be dissolved in very strong acid. The second method destroys the zeo-lite structure making it useless as a molecular sieve.

The best liquid zeolite is what we call zeo-lite water, which you make yourself by adding one teaspoon of zeo-lite powder to a glass of water, stirring and drinking. This way you are getting the full benefit of zeo-lite’s molecular sieve abilities to help remove heavy metals and other toxins. All peer reviewed tests on zeo-lite have been carried out with zeo-lite powder. One teaspoon of zeo-lite powder will cost you about 20c and a 400 g bag of zeo-lite powder will last more than 5 months taking it at the rate of one teaspoon a day.

We feel it is the best priced product on the market for overall health maintenance.

You may use your bag of zeo-lite powder in less than 5 months when you realise how many other uses it has, e.g. first aid treatments, face masks, pet care, odour removal.

One of the best other uses I’ve found for zeo-lite powder is adding 1 – 2 teaspoons to every load of washing. Zeo-lite destroys e.coli and other bacteria, it also softens the washing, helps to remove grease and less detergent can be used. Zeo-lite powder can replace detergent, just add a few teaspoons more.


You can find out more practical, informative and factual information about Australian Zeo-lite and it’s many uses in our book. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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